Blasphemy: The North Will Be Consumed By The Monsters It Created – Erasmus Ikhide 

BlasphemyYesterday, I watched little kids from age five and above in the streets of Sokoto city, Northwest Nigeria; destroying, looting, setting schools, churches, southerners’ homes and businesses alight, protesting against … Read More

2023 Edo North Senatorial Race: Resisting Ethnic Champion Called Oshiomhole (Part 2) – Erasmus Ikhide 

AT the moment, Edo North Senatorial sweepstakes is on the boil, courtesy of Mr. Adams Oshiomhole who chosed to become a leader in Hell than to be a servant in … Read More

Crusoe Osagie, An Inmate In Obaseki’s Lunatic Asylum Finds His Voice – Erasmus Ikhide

1. Firstly, it was a minor irritation to read the kindergarten response from an inmate in Governor Obaseki’s lunatic asylum, hankering over my well intentioned article to draw the attention … Read More

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