Comrade Ikhide Remains Our Reps Candidate, Protesters In Edo Labour Party Secretariat Are Hired Touts By Opposition Parties 

Protesters in Edo State Labour Party Secretariat in Benin are hired touts alongside one or two disgruntled members who wished their imported greed and poverty from the PDP and APC … Read More

2023: Unmasking The Masquerade; Erasmus Ikhide’s House Of Representatives Quest – Igbotako Nowinta

Today, the political track in Nigeria is being filled and charged with aspirants of all shades, sizes and colours wishing or seeking to represent the people by using the fast … Read More

Comrade Ikhide’s Campaign Organisation Is Too Busy Responding To Characters Who Take Drugs Before Thinking Straight 

Voting for APC/Ihonvbere is like a patient who patronised a nurse whose husband makes coffins_ WE at the Comrade Erasmus Ikhide’s Organisation are too busy responding to the Julius Ihonvbere’s … Read More

2023: Comrade Ikhide, Veteran Journalist Wins Labour Party Reps Ticket In Edo, Sets To Dethrone Ihonvbere

Comrade Ikhide Erasmus, a veteran journalist and polemist has defeated Barrister George Ohioma to emerge the winner of the rescheduled Labour Party primary election to fill the vacuum created by … Read More

Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola: The Untiring Progressive Idealist @65 – Erasmus Ikhide 

The American influential journal, Imprimis, has as its motto, ‘Ideas have consequences’. That’s the plank upon which Comrade Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola – born 25 May 1957 – has been … Read More

Blasphemy: The North Will Be Consumed By The Monsters It Created – Erasmus Ikhide 

BlasphemyYesterday, I watched little kids from age five and above in the streets of Sokoto city, Northwest Nigeria; destroying, looting, setting schools, churches, southerners’ homes and businesses alight, protesting against … Read More

2023 Edo North Senatorial Race: Resisting Ethnic Champion Called Oshiomhole (Part 2) – Erasmus Ikhide 

AT the moment, Edo North Senatorial sweepstakes is on the boil, courtesy of Mr. Adams Oshiomhole who chosed to become a leader in Hell than to be a servant in … Read More