CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION: Academic Don, Prof Okeke Advocates For Peace, Love, Unity

Prof Gerald Ndubuisi Okeke have congratulated Christians on Christmas. As he preaches for love, unity, peace and tolerance among Christians and Nigerians

The academic don and environmental expert asked for prayers to overcome the country’s insecurity, political and socio-economic challenges facing the country.

In the message he personally signed on Christmas day, 25th December, 2021. Prof Gerald Ndubuisi Okeke asked Nigerians and Christians that during this period, we should remember to offer special prayers to God for the blessings, protection and provisions so far.

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According to Prof Gerald Ndubuisi Okeke, “no time is more auspicious than now to seek and pray for peace, unity and love for one another, because these are the virtues Christ symbolised”.

Prof & Dr Mrs Gerald Ndubuisi Okeke

The statement added: “As we celebrate Christmas, he appeal to everyone to use the occasion of the celebration to seek the face of the Lord and pray for continued peaceful co-existence among the different groups in the country.

If all Nigerians imbibe the virtues of Jesus Christ and demonstrate these in their lifestyle, the nation will remain united and make more progress.” Prof Okeke said.

Regardless of whatever challenges we may have faced this year which is fast coming to an end, I urge you all to remain steadfast and committed to the cause of a better Nigeria. Prof. Okeke stated.

Prof Gerald Ndubuisi Okeke

According to the statement, the professor said, “the season of Christmas is one that exemplifies the virtues of love and peaceful co-existence. We must continue to extend hand of love, benevolence and live as one family irrespective of our creed or colour.

“We must also continue to respect each other’s right to live freely and peacefully.. The period of Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, who is the symbol of Christianity.

Prof Gerald Ndubuisi Okeke urged the Christians and Nigerians to imbibe the values of Christmas by promoting peace, love, friendship and unity.

Prof & Dr Mrs Gerald Ndubuisi Okeke

Prof Okeke Gerald equally used this season of Christmas celebration to appreciate the President/ Founder of Triune Biblical University, USA , Prof Adeleke Daniel Durojaiye, for making education cheap and affordable for Nigerians.

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He urged all other professionals in Diaspora to emulate the good gesture of Prof Adeleke by investing in other sectors of the economy in Nigeria as Prof Adeleke Daniel Durojaiye has done.

Rev. Prof Adeleke Daniel Durojaiye – President/Funder Triune Biblical University, New York, USA

Prof Okeke equally used the medium to advise parents and guardians to make good use of this gesture by Professor Adeleke and register their wards in Triune Biblical University (TBU) extension campus here in Nigeria to receive real baptism of fire in the field of academics .

Prof Biodun Akinpelu – African Vice Chancellor Triune Biblical University

Prof Okeke Gerald in the same vein , thanked the African Vice Chancellor of Triune Biblical university, ( Prof Biodun Akinpelu) for successfully piloting the academic affairs of the institution so far with the array of distinguished academic Professors and Doctorate degree holders lecturing in the school.


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