CHRISTMAS CELEBRATION: Eze Ndigbo Ghana HRM Dr. Ihenetu Congratulates Christians, Calls For Peace, Love, Unity, Tolerance

As  Christians around the world  commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ today, traditional rulers, public officials, politicians and political parties across the country have released goodwill messages, preaching peace, love, unity and tolerance.

His Royal Majesty Eze Dr Amb. Chukwudi Jude Ihenetu have congratulated Christians on Christmas. As he preaches for love, unity, peace and tolerance among Christians and Nigerians

The Royal Father asked for prayers to overcome the country’s insecurity, political and socio-economic challenges facing the country.

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In the message he personally signed on Christmas eve, HRM Dr Ihenetu asked Nigerians and Christians that during this period, we should remember to offer special prayers to God for the blessings, protection and provisions so far.

He remarked that “during his earthly sojourn, Jesus Christ repeatedly reminded his disciples and followers of peace that comes in the midst of trials and tribulations on earth.”

HRM Dr Ihenetu said that “faithful adherence to the virtues of Jesus Christ, including love, unity, sacrifice and peaceful coexistence, which constitute the fundamental ingredients for development of any nation, will lead to the growth and stability of Nigeria.”

Development of our community, society, nation, will lead to the growth and stability of Nigeria. and the world in general”

The Royal Majesty told Nigerians and Christians to pay keen attention to the message of love, peace and sacrifice, which Jesus preached during his time on earth.

“That is why we need to remember the love that Jesus taught. We must love our neighbours as ourselves, do good to them and mean them well, whether or not they belong to our group. Nigeria cannot move forward as a country until each and every one of us realize that what is good for one should also be good for the other.” Eze Ndigbo Ghana HRM Ihenetu stated.

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The spirit of sharing is an African tradition that generates happiness and ensures social stability in the absence of a formal social security mechanism that caters for the less privileged in our society.” said HRM.

“We must also continue to respect each other’s right to live freely and peacefully.. The period of Christmas commemorates the birth of Jesus Christ, who is the symbol of Christianity and the harbinger of peace, love and good tidings.”

There is no doubt that the times are difficult and the people are facing enormous challenges.

Eze Dr Chukwudi Ihenetu asked  Nigerians and Christians to “pray for our leaders especially at these extreme times to rekindle our economy and support further development of our dear Nation, Nigeria.


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