OHANAEZE NDIGBO WORLDWIDE: President General’s Christmas Message To Ndigbo

My fellow Ndigbo, we must be grateful to the Almighty God for keeping us safe and alive to this day. Living and doing business in the southeast has become so challenging and breathtaking of recent. It has come to a point that whoever goes out and comes back home safe and sound must definitely thank his or her God.

In a statement signed by High Chief Engr. Chidi Ibe, MFR, President General Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide on Saturday 25th December, 2021

Same goes to whoever sleeps without external interruptions and sees the next day. The Alaigbo has become a theatre of war without knowing the parties in the war. Everyone is a potential target and enemy. We now have unknown enemy, unknown gunmen, unknown friends, unknown actors, unknown known and even known unknown, etc. Yet in the midst of all, there is a supreme being that knows it all. The message reads.

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That there is a supreme being is an insignia for hope and a better tomorrow. Analogically, the people of Israel were in such a situation before God came to their assistance through the birth of Christ. They were elevated among all the other tribes and nations. They went through enough and horrible situations as we are facing now. They were hopeful of the coming of the messiah.

The experienced Massah but God was with them. The southeast may be undergoing a Massah experience, what matters is that we need to be focused. If we are focused, we must definitely reach the promised land.

As Christmas is here, we should bear in mind that ‘the condition upon which God has given freedom to man is eternal vigilance, of which he breaks he has nothing left but perpetual servitude’. This is the bottomline of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo Christmas Message to all the people of the southeast this 2021.

This idea of ‘eternal vigilance’ should be the watchword of all well-meaning Igbo sons and daughters in every nook and cranny of the Nigerian space. Our individual and collective wellbeing and survival in the current Nigerian polity and reality requires eternal vigilance. Our dreams and aspirations both individually and collectively requires eternal vigilance. This should be our guiding principle to navigate the current situation imposed on the southeast by with seen and unseen actors and perpetrators.

Eternal vigilance paid off in the recently conducted Anambra elections. We need the same vigilance in future elections and pursuits of Igbo agenda. There is no other time to be conscious of this as now.

The Igbo nation is so challenged that this is a crucial moment to ruminate over the Shakespearean poser: to be or not to be. It is perpetual vigilance that will help us meaningfully ruminate over this poser. It will help us in the long run in appreciating all Igbo agendas in the faces of multifaceted challenges confronting the existential realities in the Nigerian sphere.

To our brothers in the diaspora who may be coming home to the southeast, Ohaneze Ndigbo prays for your journey mercies. As we welcome you back, remain eternally vigilant. Contribute for the development and security of your respective towns, communities and places.

Where government is not present help to ensure we do the little we can. Come back with developmental ideas. Bring the wisdom from sojourn to the good of the Ndigbo. Onye ajuru aju anaghi aju onwe ya.

We need to make southeast great to the envy of other nations and zones. 2023 may seems far but it is already with us. A journey of one mile begins with a step. 2023 is equally part of the current Igbo agenda.

The Christmas is an opportunity for both home and the diaspora to put heads together as umunna to tinker strategies for the Igbo agenda. The birth of Christ brought freedom and enlistment to many, especially those who were steadfast in their hopes and aspirations.

As we celebrate the Christmas, let us use the opportunity to pray for peace in Nigeria, pray for unconditional release of our indefatigable and brave son Mazi Nnamdi Kalu, who is being persecuted for Igbo liberation course, and pray also for the entire Southeast. Jesus Christ, through his birth, brought peace on earth. May we breathe peace this Christmas period.

Let us equally bear in mind that security is everybody’s challenge as the situation is no respecter of neither the highs and lows of our society.

As I may repeat again, His birth equally brought freedom to His people. Let use this occasion and remember our brother Mazi Nnamdi Kalu in our prayers praying that as Daniel was protected by God in the lion’s den, may the Almighty God see him through throughout his tribulations and liberate him as Daniel was liberated.

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As we celebrate and commemorate the Christmas, may it spurs us to take our destiny in the Nigeria sphere in our hands. We need to be pragmatic with the Igbo agenda.

We pray that nobody sabotaged the Igbo agenda because of selfish stomach infrastructure which is trying to be our bane, a parasitic behavior that has no collective advantage. Let no one be the millennial Ukpabi Asika.

Long live Alaigbo!
Long live Ndigbo Nkem!!

High Chief Engr. Chidi Ibe, MFR
President General
Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide.

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