Pomp As Eze Ndi Igbo Ghana, HRM DR.  Ihenetu Is Honoured With Patron Of Cultural Games Association Ghana

The contributions of Eze Ndi Igbo Ghana, HRM Dr Chukwudi Ihenetu towards promoting Igbo culture in the Diaspora got further boosts on Tuesday 14th of December as he was appointed Patron of Cultural Games Association, Ghana.

The event took place at the Greater Accra  National Sports  Stadium and it attracted people from all walks of life, even as the Royal father  also witnessed  the Greater Accra Regional  Executive Inauguration Ceremony.
In his remarks HRM, Dr Ihenetu said: “I’m using this opportunity  to call on African traditional rulers for us to  promote  our culture  through  African  games.  In all our areas of endeavours, we should project it untill African games attain the same level with Western games. Take a look at almost all the international sporting events, be it FIFA, CAF, Commonwealth games and the Olimpics,  almost  all games we are promoting  are western and Asian games.

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“But thank God for Ghana Cultural Games Association for this initiatives. They  have come out to promote African indigenous  games. A time has come when we must promote our own games so that they could also feature  in international  games like Olympic and the commonwealth games.

Come 2022, Ghana would be hosting  All African Games and when you look at the entire lists, no single indigenous African game is included, Today  the association  has come out with spectacular  games that will feature during that event.  I urged all African traditional  rulers to come out with games that will feature  alongside other western games”, he said.

Furthermore, HRM Ihenetu who is also the Assistant Publicity Secretary Association of Ndieze Ndigbo in the Diaspora said one of his principal responsibility as paramount King of Ndigbo in Ghana is to promote and project Igbo culture positively adding that the move was already yielding the desired results.

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On what he has done so far in promoting Igbo culture in the Diaspora, HRM Dr Ihenetu mentioned the recent successful celebration of Igbo Day/Iriji 2021 which attracted people and dignitaries from across Ghana and other West African countries. The royal father said the festival showcased Igbo culture and portrayed  us as highly civilised people.

“In order to also make administration of Igbo people in Ghana easy, Obi Ndigbo Palace kingmakers in conjunction with myself as the Paramount Eze, crowned Eze Udo in some of the Local Governments and regions in Ghana. With this measure, governance is brought closer to the people.” The royal Father also added that his appointment as Patron of Cultural Games Association, Ghana will further encourage him to do more in promoting Igbo culture in the Diaspora.

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