Revamping Democracy: Importance Of Town Union To Democracy In IgboLand – TIMJUL Lecture Series.

Mr Oswald Okebata lecturing on The Structural Organization of Igbo Government To Town Union

Every Government sovereignty of the individual in Igbo land, we have always respected the rights of the individuals.

These individuals are responsible for the creation of the family which is the first organizational structure of Igbo government.

The Family

The family which is made of the man, wife and children is responsible for the education and cultural development of it’s members. Every Igbo man gets his first sense of belonging through the family. Every family in Igbo land provides the welfare benefits for its members and for one another, the collection of families make up a kindred.

The Village

Village are made of kindreds, most of them are related through ancestry or by sharing common boundaries. This level of Government is where the Igbos experience the first indrect Democracy. Most village meetings are made up of delegates or representatives of the kindred

The Town.

Igbo Town are made up of villages, most of these village that made up the towns share common ancestry heritage, believe, Religious and cultural. Every Igbo Man use his town as part of his identity “I wu onye Olee” This spirit of Patriotism is why Democracy is part of our Igbo culture and hence the important of town union in Igbo land.

Cross section of participants at the seminar

Second Lecture Series : The Importance Of Town Union To Democracy In IgboLandBy Rosy Dunkwu Esq. 

Kenechi Rosy Dunkwu Esq speaking on Importance Of Town Union To Democracy In IgboLand

The emergence of town union and their involvement in rural community development have remained as old as Igbo nation.

Town Unions are the real agents of development which all levels of government should partner with for the welfare of the people.

Oforegbu Raphael, Executive Assistant Marketing, Media Director TIMJUL DYNAMIC SERVICES LTD

There is no doubt that town unions have fast tracked development of their respective communities. Nobody can ignorance of the fact that town unions in many areas of Igbo land establish primary and secondary schools, community markets, institutions of scholarships schemes for indigent students, maintaince of roads law and order within their jurisdiction.

In fact, at the end of civil war in 1970, town union gave hope to the Igbos. So, town unions are synonyms with development in Igbo land.

These developments includes:

– Good road constructions
– Electricity
– Available of social amenities
– Good health facilities
– Educational development
– Bring about schemes for skills   acquisition which are very       beneficial
– Adequate water supply and provision of pipe borne water (potable) water for drinking,

The inception of democratic governance in 1999 and its sustenance till 2015 in Nigeria has stimulated increased contributions of town unions to the provisions of Basic education in rural communities unions to rural development.

Participants at the seminar, listening as lectures are going on

It is clear that community participation in project development is an important element and a sure way to the speed up development of the rural areas in Nigeria.

Hence, with the contribution and involvement of the town unions in Igbo land, the people oriented nature of democratic governance has brought the town unions executive closer than ever to the people and such increased the synergy between the people and members of the town unions in many rural communities in execution of development projects.

Mr Oswald Okebata, the CEO TIMJUL and some participants at the seminar


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