War Between Israel And Gaza; These Are Main Developments So Far

Thousands of people both soldiers and civilian have lost their lives.

Thousands injured and millions homeless.

Israeli Forces vowed to fight with their last blood.

Tuesday evening, a massive blast rocked a Gaza City hospital packed with wounded and other Palestinians seeking shelter killing more than 500 hundreds people.

Hamas blamed an Israeli airstrike, while the Israeli military blamed a rocket misfired by other Palestinian militants.

The Israeli military has not admitted it bombed a Gaza hospital, despite widespread claims online

Iran has warned Israel to stop attacking Gaza but Israel say that they must end Hamas.

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Global protests in support of Palestine continue: thousands gathered in the Philippines and demonstrators near the US embassy in Lebanon, Istanbul clashed with police.

The Arab Nations, UN, EU, India, US, UK are calling for de-escalation.

UN Security Council, China, Russian, Japan, US, UK, Egypt called for sending humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Israel has agreed to allow humanitarian aid to Gaza

Russia announced it would deliver 27 tonnes of humanitarian aid to Gaza.

Israel has issued new evacuation orders, telling residents of Gaza to move southwards along the coast where humanitarian aid would be available.

U.S President Joe Biden landed in Israel two days ago for a solidarity visit, promised strong support for Benjamin Netanyahu and the Israeli people.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak of Britain on Thursday began a two-day visit to Israel and the region to demonstrate British backing for the Israeli government,

Attacks on bases housing US troops in Iraq and Syria have underscored the threat of a wider escalation.

US President, Biden is expected to request approval for $10bn in weapons for Israel during a national address yesterday night.

Israel moves more ground forces and military equipments to Gaza border soonest to invade Gaza.

Israel’s defence minister has told ground troops to be ready to enter the Gaza Strip, promising they will see the besieged Palestinian enclave from the inside.

The Israeli bombardment of Gaza continues, with deadly Israeli raids

Fighting along the border between Israel and Lebanon, Syria also has intensified.

Hezbollah in Lebanon and Syria are squaring up for war from the north of Israel but the Israeli military say they are battle ready on both front.

Rafah border is about to be open for humanitarian corridor after an agreement was reached with Egyptian government.

More than 199 hostages are still in captivity with Hamas and they are believed to be kept in underground tunnels in Gaza – some of them are Americans.

Israel has formed a unity government and both civilians and soldiers are willing to fight this war.

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