FCT Youth Stakeholders Forum Petitions FCT Perm Sec, Demands Transparency on Revenue Harmonisation And Land Allocation

In a recent development, the FCT Youth Stakeholders Forum has taken a proactive step towards ensuring transparency and accountability in the administration of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). The group, represented by prominent members including Suleiman A Ango and Zakari Gambo Babale, has submitted a formal petition to Mr. Olusade Adesola, the Permanent Secretary of the FCTA.

Dated August 2 and titled “RE: Application for Information/Records/Documents Under the Freedom of Information Act,” the petition outlines the group’s concerns and requests for critical information regarding the harmonisation of revenues generated by the FCT’s six area councils. Additionally, the group is seeking detailed insights into land allocation activities within the FCT.

The FCT Youth Stakeholders Forum, represented by Suleiman A Ango, Zakari Gambo Babale, Zaka Nehemiah, Yusuf Nadabo, Opeyemi Ismail, and Ahmed Mohammed Sanni, expresses their motivation for invoking the Freedom of Information Act 2011 to obtain the requested data. The group notes that a prior communication, dated July 20, 2023, received no official response, prompting their application under the Act.

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The contents of the petition emphasize the following key points:

1. Comprehensive Information on Harmonisation of Revenue Generation: The forum seeks detailed records pertaining to the proposed harmonisation of revenue generation between the FCTA and the Area Councils. The group is particularly interested in the steps taken towards harmonisation, the allocated funds, and the progress achieved in meeting harmonisation objectives. Notably, concerns regarding the transparency and accountability of revenue generation have prompted this inquiry.


2. Details of Land Allocation in the Past Year: The group requests comprehensive information on all land allocations made by the FCTA within the preceding year. This data should encompass beneficiary details, land size and location, and associated documentation.


3. Recent VIO Recruitment Beneficiaries: The FCT Youth Stakeholders Forum seeks the names and states of origin of individuals recently recruited into Vehicle Inspection Officer (VIO) positions within the FCT. They also express an interest in understanding the recruitment process, selection criteria, and relevant documentation.

The group highlights the legal framework provided by the Freedom of Information Act, which entitles them to a response within seven working days of the application’s receipt. The deadline for a response, in this case, was July 31, 2023. The petition acknowledges the willingness to cover any expenses associated with complying with the request, as per the Act’s provisions.

In the event of a decision to transfer the request or deny it, the FCT Youth Stakeholders Forum requests written notice and justification for such actions, in accordance with the Act’s stipulations. The petition underscores the forum’s intent to appeal decisions if necessary.

As the FCT Youth Stakeholders Forum awaits a timely response, their commitment to transparency and accountability remains resolute. The outcome of this petition could potentially set a precedent for increased openness in governance within the FCT.

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