Gov Obaseki, Education Commissioner Query Perm Sec, Five Directors To Absolve Selves Over Scam, Fraud Allegations In The Ministry After Trojan Media Story

After Trojan News Media reported the inherit scam and deliberate fraud in the Edo State Ministry of Education last week, Governor Godwin Obaseki and Ms Joan Oviawe suddenly issued queries to the Permanent Secretary and five other Directors to cover up the monumental fraud and inefficiency in the ministry.

Senior civil servants who received queries for allegedly availing us the fraud story in the ministry are Dr. Oni, Functioning P.S (most senior Director); Mrs. Iyere, Director Policy, Planning, Research and Statistics, Mr. Osawe, Director Exams and School Support Services, Mrs. Ero, Director, Education Resources Centre, Mrs. Iyayi, Director, Social Mobilisation and Special Education and Mrs. Ogedegbe, Director, Social Services.

Sources in government quarters said the commissioner has destroyed one of the best education policy in Nigeria with over blotted ego.

“This egoistic woman who should have been sacked by the Governor for financial infractions and inefficiency has succeeded in pigeonholeding the Governor to taking irrational decisions by issuing queries to the defenceless civil servants whose counsel refused to take by engaging her partner in Mrs Chinelo Adaobi to detroy education in the state.

“Ms Joan Oviawe who is addressed as the defacto Governor of the state as a result of her overbearing primitive style; exploiting her unusual closeness to the Governor and her status arrogance had earlier suspended two junior civil servants in the ministry for her personal failures.

“Over the last two weeks, the commissioner has been in New York, United States of America with Governor Godwin Obaseki who is undergoing eye surgery instead of focusing on the litany of crises in her ministry in the state.

“Sonnest, she will be forced to tell the tax payers where she getting the money with which she is maintaining two homes in Nigeria and in the US because her salaries is public knowledge.

“As we speak, she is currently pressurizing members of the Panel of Enquiry investigating the two persons earlier suspended from the ministry to convert the people she suspended in the ministry to sack, even when preliminary reports stated otherwise”, our sources in government house who craved anonymity told our reporter in Benin City.

Reports reaching Trojan News Media revealed that the ministry is currently convulsing with the revelations that the ministry is the biggest scam in the history of the state, having become the den of financial draft that has turned out to be the worst cesspool of corruption.

Our Education Correspondent reported last week how Governor Godwin Obaseki and Ms Joan Oviawe could not conduct successful ordinary Primary Six Living Certificate Examination which turned out to be colossal failure across the state, in spite of the billions of naira voted for education resurgence over the last seven years.

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Having prioritized its pecuniary interests and kickbacks accruing from merchandizing with Edo pupils’ destinies, the ministry ensured that 75% of the kids didn’t seat for the examination which they paid for. Parents and pupils were seen carrying chairs and tables from homes as state government deliberately failed to made provisions for chairs and tables; teachers, question papers for the pupils to write the entrance examination.

A civil right group based in Abuja, Nigeria capital territory has written to the world bank to go beyond accessing Edo State make-believe education revamp from a distance as nothing on ground to show for the $75m loan acquired by the state government to fix the decay in the educational system.

“Governor Godwin Obaseki had previously announced the approval of a $75 million facility from the World Bank, aiming to bring significant changes and improvements to Edo State’s educational infrastructure, resources, and overall quality of education. However, Prince Mayaki expressed concern over the lack of visible impact and improvements in the educational system, stating that promised advancements have not materialized and numerous challenges persist”, the statement read in part.

Trojan News Media Special Report weekly edition will be beaming its search light on Edo State Ministry of Education’s six-year budget performance index, vis-a-vis the total collapse of educational infrastructures in the state. We will be focusing on how the monies meant for the purpose of rejinging the sector were diverted into private puckets for the purchase of personal properties here in the US.

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