Why I Spends N49m On Surgery To Grow Seven Inches Taller – Brian Sanchez

A 33-year-old man from Georgia in the United States, Brian Sanchez, who spent £86,000 (N49,442,105) on leg lengthening surgeries to increase his height from 6ft to 6ft 7in, has stated that he has no regrets.

Sanchez, according to The U.S Sun, was uncomfortable with his height and compared himself to a “huge thumb”.

Sanchez, who lives with his wife Nidia, and their daughters, Kaisley and Kairi, said that he found out about leg lengthening in January 2022.

Speaking about how he compared his height with his brother-in-law and how satisfied he was with the outcome of the surgery, he said, “I realised that my legs were always looking weird, and I didn’t know what it was, until one day I was sitting next to my brother-in-law, and I was actually a little taller than he was.

“I thought that was weird, because I knew he was taller than I am by a lot, and we stood up, and all of a sudden, I started looking and realised my legs were too short for my body.

“I don’t regret my decision, and I hope that I’m going to be really happy with the results.

“My wife is pretty tall – we were only about three inches apart – but once I’m fully recovered,  it’ll be taller than my wife

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“It’s going to be really nice just to be able to hug her and have her all the way down there on my chest instead of being almost eye level.

“One of the things that I’ll enjoy the most is being able to work out again and put some weight on my legs and have my body look a little bit more how I want it to.”

Credit: The U.S Sun

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