Edo2024 Governorship: Time To Reward ‘Rice Man’ For His 20 Years Of Human Solidarity

By Victor Osagie

2024 is the year the citizens of Edo State have dedicated to reward the easy-going; kindhearted, and over-the-top icon of human solidarity for his relentless philanthropy to the mighty and not-so-mighty over the last two decades.

It is safe to say that Barrister Ken Imasuagbon is one of the very few individuals who have become successful in his private businesses without patronages from governments at all levels, yet chooses to invest his hard earned resources on the long suffering Edo citizens.

It is important to note that no one can accuse ‘Rice Man’ of being part of the sociopolitical, socioeconomic problems plaguing the state in all sectors of social existence. Barrister Ken Imasuagbon has never been in Government both at the state and federal level, nor has he ever been awarded contract, with the available records at our disposal.

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‘Rice Man’ in all intent and purposes is never part of Edo litany of problems. It is clear that he is going to be part of the solutions to solving the problems confronting Edo State. From the available statistics, Edo State is one the lowest states with Primary and Post-Primary School teachers in the state employment portal in Nigeria. Having been in the education section for nearly three decades, Barrister Ken Imasuagbon will not hesitate to employ more teachers to improve on the legacy of Governor Godwin Obaseki in that sector.

It is no news that Edo and its people are the terrorized state in southern Nigeria by Fulani terrorists who roam freely in our bushes. Under Imasuagbon’s Governorship, no child will roam the streets of Edo while school is in section. Interestingly, a cursory look at Barrister Kenneth Imasuagbon’s manifesto revealed that Edo would be amongst the first state in the country to build cattle ranches, where cattle owners will have to pay rents and taxes to the state government.

The essence of this policy is not only to create jobs for the citizens and non indigenes but to stamp out tragic reign of terror visited on the state by Fulani terrorists. More importantly, political brigandage and cultism will fade away because an idle mind is the devil’s workshop. The philosophy is simple; it’s difficult, if not almost practically impossible, for educated individuals who are gainfully employed to think about crime.

Barrister Kenneth Imasuagbon popularly known as ‘Rice Man’, who in terms of human capacity building; societal development and growth, who has been an inspiration to the younger generation and his regular direct interface with the downtrodden outside government is in a class of his own. His forward looking atitude is an indication that when elected the Governor of the state, the people will heave total sigh of relief, in the long run.

To be candid, Ken Imasuagbon is grossly undervalued and underestimated as a result of the appellation tag of ‘Rice Manship’, because his effort at putting food on the poor people’s table annually in the last twenty years is the very least of his humanitarian gusture. In the last twelve years, Imasuagbon has donated thousands pieces of computer laptops to Edo State students which normal held annually inside University of Benin premises. These laptops are shared around many other colleges for students across the state to enhance knowledge acquisitions, running into hundreds of millions of dollars.

As an educationist and development angel, who is basically acquinted with modern reality of the place of education in human evolution, Edo State would forever remain grateful to have the personage of Barrister Ken Imasuagbon as the Governor of the state who is more than prepared to revatilize the education section, amongst other comatose sectors that are in urgent need of total overhauling.

For states and nations to develop astronomically, history, antecedent, intergrity, character and commitment are required. Barrister Kenneth Imasuagbon’s successes in the private sector is enough evidence to prove that when elected the state Governor, the people will automatically feel the debut of outstanding performer and solutions provider.

It is time to reward ‘Rice Man’ for all his humanitarian services to our people by electing him in next year’s Governorship election, if we truly want a better state and country.

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