Former Ghanian president, His Excellency John Mahama Host HRM Dr Ihenetu, Endorse Igbo Day/ New Yam Festival

As preparations for the 2022 Igbo Day/ New Yam Festival  slated for 18th September this year gathers momentum, the Eze Ndigbo Ghana and the Assistant Publicity Secretary Association of Ndieze Ndigbo in the Diaspora, HRM Eze Dr Chukwudi Ihenetu and Chiefs from Obiukwu Obieziokwu palace, recently visited former Ghanian president, His Excellency John Mahama in his country home. Accra, Ghana.

During the meeting, both leaders discussed the good works they have been doing to promote peace and unity for mankind and humanity.

While officially inviting His Excellency Mahama to the Igbo Day/ New Yam Festival scheduled to hold on 18th of September, HRM Ihenetu said the event would also be unique as it will  mark 10 years of Igbo kingship in Ghana.

His Excellency Mahama who warmly received HRM Dr Ihenetu and his chiefs  commended them for their good works  in promoting peace among Ndigbo  in Ghana even as he endorsed the Igbo Day/ New Yam festival.

Addressing HRM Ihenetu and his Chiefs in message delivered on Eze Igbo TV, His Excellency Mahama said : “I know you king Ihenetu many years ago,. We met at many occasions. and you radiates Igbo culture. I know Igbo people are very creative and enterprising. When it comes to culture, you tell your own stories and that’s why we are infusing some Igbo language into our own language. So when someone sees a big man, he says Igwe!.

“We appreciate your presence. Your people are very enterprising and wherever they go, they take advantage of the condusive environment to thrive. I no that thru your influences, you make your people law abiding. We truly appreciates your effort His Royal Majesty.

“Whether in government or out of government, we will always like to collaborate with you. Ghana and Nigeria are like twins of the same parents and share a lot of similarities.

“We are watching what is happening in your country closely. most of the front contenders for the presidential seat are my friends, whichever way it turns out, we shall work with whosoever emerged winner in the poll.
“Nigeria is big brother in Africa and that’s why we show interest because if Nigeria prosper, the better for other countries in the subregion.

“Thanks so much for the visit and we shall take note of the date so as to be around to grace the occasion.
In his response, the Umuduruoha Amaigbo Nwagele Imo-State born Royal Father, HRM Dr. Ihenetu commended the former president for his assistance to Ndigbo during his tenure as president and even now after his tenure.

The Igbo Day/ New Yam festival known for its rich cultural content had earlier been endorsed by Ghana Ministry of Arts and Culture, the revered Ga Mantse which is the apex Ghana traditional institution, UNESCO, among other prominent individuals, traditional institutions  captain of industries, and corporate organisation’s.

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