We’ll Send All Southerners Packing From North, If Their Leaders Insisting On Evicting Herders – Miyetti Allah

We’ll Send All Southerners Packing from North if Their Leaders Insist on Evicting Herders – Miyeti Allah

The Bauchi State chairman of Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), Alhaji Sadiq Ibrahim Ahmed, has vowed that the association would resist any attempt by Southern governors and leaders to evict herdsmen.

He said it would be tit for tat by the north should the herders be evicted from the south.

Speaking to The journalists yesterday, Ahmed said: ‘’Everyone has the right to live anywhere he or she wants.

“In fact, herdsmen, based on their activity of pastoralism, own every part of Nigeria. So why should anyone go against the constitution?

‘’If the southern governors insist on sending our people away, we will have no option than to send their people packing too.

“We are no fools. We are only studying the situation. We are all human beings.

“If the leaders want to cause problems, they should not forget about the ordinary citizens.

“For now, we will remain loyal and we will also educate our people on the need for peaceful cohabitation. We won’t act like the foolish governors and leaders.

“If the custodians of law say there is no law, then are we the ones to uphold the law? We are only trying to protect our integrity for now.

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