Breaking: Ongoing Coup, Putin Terrifies, Adresses Russian Nation

The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, has addressed Russians at about 9am EST where he acknowledged ongoing coup attempt in Russia by the Wagner group.

He condemned their actions as “treason” and “mutiny”, and that it will be severely punished.

But emerging information from Russia tends to paint a picture of the Wagner group having an upper hand as they are said to be on the match from the country’s Rostov region, where they first captured, to Moscow without resistance.

Putin is said to have offered to relinquish power to the Security of the Russian Security Council but the secretary declined the offer.

Wagner’s chief and the leader of the coup, Yevgeny Prigozhin, replied that Putin made the ‘wrong choice’ and soon Russia will have a ‘new president’

We’ve had confirmed reports from multiple sources that Wagner’s forces and possibly defected members of the Russian military heading to Moscow

We’ve also finally received reports of the Russian airfare conducting strikes on Wagner forces

A military warplane, the equivalent of US Air Force One, is heading from UFA (known for Russia’s nuclear bunkers) to Moscow.

A Telegram group run by senior members of Wagner mentioned that “the trigger for a CIVIL WAR was pulled by Putin.

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Reports are emerging of the Russian National Guard heading to fight or join Wagner in Rostov

Local sources claim that a warplane, likely a transport aircraft, was shot down over Voronezh a short while ago. Details unclear and claims are NOT verified. If true, this is likely Wagner shooting down a Russian warplane.

The above information was confirmed by various sources and analyzed by the experts currently speaking LIVE in the ongoing space

This is a developing story, we’ll keep you posted as events unfold.

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