Imo Guber2023: Odunzeh Cruising To Victory As 7 Imo PDP SWC Resigns – Ibeh


Leadership provides the chance to connect with the deepest aspirations of a people and forge relationships with them based on a set of purpose. In order to realize these wants, history has shown us that genuine leaders are made from the heart of empathy and honed by the desire to deliver astute service to the people._

One of the recent enduring anxiousness in Nigeria’s history is the installation of a new government. IMO people have seen four years passing by, rarely does anyone meet a fellow from IMO whom this period means something. Entering a new era is a big deal to IMO people who have practiced being patient for their life and existence.

The IMO state once alleged leading opposition party – PDP – have witnessed a death knell through it’s State Deputy Chairman and Seven (7) SWC officials thereby hurriedly assigning leading opposition status to the NNPP whom majority of Imolites are looking forward to with a kind of ecstasy and joy, which manifests in celebrations.

The NNPP sensation suggests a fresh start, a political revival, a rekindled enthusiasm, etc. In other words, NNPP means something fresh, a rebirth, a revitalization, and as a result, a new anticipation. It also indicates the demise of people deceiving people, like, retaining National secretary position and holding governorship ticket. It denotes a change in direction. It indicates the emergence of a new order. As IMO people go to polls on November 11, 2023, there would be a pragmatic change from analog to digital, from indifference to interest, from exclusivity to inclusivity, from the periphery to the center, and from rhetoric to reality. Hon. Uche Ben Odunzeh’s presence on the ballot will bring about a fundamentally different, people-centered, and goal-driven administration for IMO state.

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It becomes most fitting when Hon. Uche Ben Odunzeh rejected IMO state PDPs’ deputy governorship slot as its deliberate, and willful self-image-sustaining attempts to continue maneuvering the IMO people and squandering state resources if given another chance at Douglas House.

People in IMO know they have to vote for someone whose heart is open enough to welcome their plights and take all necessary steps to solve them, when given the chance to choose who would lead their naturally-rich state. They will elect a political leader, business magnate, iconic administrator, and governance czar to lead them in Douglas House from January 15, 2024. It is going to be an incredible triumph!

There is a balance between long-term objectives and immediate change when making resolutions. The electorate have experienced *Hon. Uche Ben Odunzeh’s* sincerity, even before he said, he want to become a politician, they were aware of how hard he had worked to improve their livelihood. His big heart was what won us over, what allowed us to see his brilliant plans and all the opportunities he is presenting to IMO people.

As such, we have decided to march in large numbers to the polling booths in support of a man we have no doubts in our hearts, but sincere faith in.

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