2023: SDP’s Prince Adebayo Says His Administration Will Provide 400,000 Houses In 4 years For Nigerians

The presidential candidate of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Adewole Adebayo, says his administration will provide 400,000 houses in four years if he is elected.

Adebayo spoke on Friday during an interview with Channels Television.

Speaking of his economic plans, the SDP presidential candidate said his focus will be on ensuring that the rights of Nigerians, as listed in chapter two of the constitution, are protected.

“What we have as a plan is that we want to invest in the items that are listed in the chapter two of the constitution,” he said.

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“We’ll provide adequate nutrition for all Nigerians; we’ll provide adequate medical care for all Nigerians.

“We’ll provide adequate education and housing. We have promised in SDP to build 100,000 housing units in every state, every year, for the first four years.

“All of these things will create employment. We had a 30 million job plan, which many said was too ambitious. We went back to do an analysis and we discovered that it is absolutely realistic.”

Reacting to a report in which the World Bank said it will take the north 40 years to meet up with the south, Adebayo said his goal is that all parts of the country meet up with 21st century technological advancement.

“My aim is not for the north to catch up with the south. My aim is for the north and south to catch up with the 21st century,” he added.

“That analysis is not useful to us because even the south that has comparative advantage is awash with poverty, underdevelopment, and insecurity.

“What I want is to let the north catch up with the rest of the world, not just catch up with the south. The idea is not the relativity of poverty — the north is poor, the south is poor. Maybe the north is a little poorer.”

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