Police Arrest Actress Eniola Badmus Over Davido’s Son Death As Investigations  Fingered Her

….Eniola Badmus Arrested by Police

…..Fingered As the Person Who Called Davido Nanny

…. Eniola Badmus was the first post the news on social media

Actress Eniola Badmus, Davido’s bestie who has been friends with Davido since childhood was the one that called Davido’s Nanny and she stepped aside and left Ifeanyi to receive her call.

The nanny has confessed to the police, according to available information.

Eniola has been arrested also according to reports gathered by

She was the first person to post Ifeanyi’s death on social media and the news spread because people feel she’s a reliable source close to Davido and had the true info about Ifeanyi’s situation.

She called the Nanny and caused that, she ran to first post about the sad event.

She’s being dragged right now upandan on all social media apps. The world has fallen on her!!!

Now, what did she call the nanny for and to say that was so private she had to leave everyone inside the house? Step aside to talk about?

Why didn’t she call Davido directly or wait? Why his staff? Why chioma’s Nanny? In the midst of all the Davido baby mama saga!!!

Recently Davido surprised Eniola with so much cash on her birthday.

Actress Eniola Badmus

The media reports earlier that Eniola Badmus has deleted videos about Davido’s son’s death on Youtube after backlash

Actress Eniola Badmus has deleted videos of the late Ifeanyi Adeleke, son of Davido, which were posted on her Youtube channel after backlash from critics.

The check on her Youtube channel on Thursday revealed that the videos about the boy’s death have been deleted.

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The actress who is a close friend of Davido came under fire on social media after posting several videos chronicling Ifeanyi’s birth journey, his last moments and celebrity reactions to his demise on her monetised Youtube channel.

In the now-deleted videos on her YouTube page, Eniola created four content centered around Ifeanyi’s death.

The first video was about Afrobeats singer Seun Kuti’s reaction to his death, while the second focused on comedienne Princess blowing hot after she was accused of ignoring the tragic incident. Eniola also posted a video of Pastor Tobi Adegboyega canceling his birthday plans and another video revealing what is believed to be the real story about Ifeanyi’s death.

Many who were quick to view the content before she took it down dragged her on social media.

A Twitter user identified as Piccaxo wrote: “Wait, so Eniola Badmus posted this Davido incident on her YouTube channels to make money this girl is sick. cos wtf I thought she’s very close to David, something is wrong with this Eniola, David needs to stay away from her cos wtf.”

Eniola Badmus first came under fire when she broke the news about Ifeanyi’s death on her social media accounts. Moments after the post, Nigerians stormed the comment section, accusing her of using the boy’s death as a means of gaining more popularity. Others opined that it was insensitive to announce the death of a child before confirmation from the parents.

As the backlash spiraled, Eniola was forced to delete the post on Instagram and Facebook.

She has since then remained silent on the matter.

Ifeanyi died by drowning on Monday, October 31, eleven days after celebrating his third birthday.

Davido and his fiancée Chioma Rowland, a popular chef and influencer, have not yet commented on their son’s death.

There has been rumors and gossip going about nollywood actress, Eniola Badmus dating Davido.

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According her story, actress Eniola Badmus has denied the rumours that he is in a hot romance with Davido, who she has never hidden her love for. She claimed the worst of the rumours she has heard about her is the alleged romance with the younger celebrity singer.

The actress described Davido as her younger brother as well as the YBNL crew, headed by Olamide, a rapper Eniola has not hidden her love for.

“That I’m dating Davido. I mean that was so weird. I didn’t even hear about it on time, it was David that told me. “We were just laughing about it. Why would you say I’m dating David?

Davido is my brother, she said. We are almost together every day if I’m not working. I’m always in his house, he comes around to my house too. YBNL, HKN, they are my family,” she told the press.

The big QUESTIONS are:

Why will she call the Nanny and still ran to first post about the sad event?  She’s being dragged right now on all social media apps.

What did she call the Nanny for that was so private that the nanny had to leave everyone inside the house, stepped aside to talk about?

Why didn’t she call Davido directly or wait? Why his staff? Why chioma’s Nanny?

These are the questions people are asking on social media right now.

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