Corruption: Samuel Eto’o: Cameroonian And Barcelona Legend Under Investigation For  Match Fixing, Others

Samuel Eto’o: Cameroonian legend under investigation for match fixing
Stephen Oladehinde • 10:40 – 22.07.2023
Samuel Eto’o, the head of the Cameroonian Football Federation, is under investigation for match-fixing.

According to reports, recordings have surfaced in which Eto’o promised Valentine Gawain, president of Victoria United, that he would influence referees to promote the team

He gave his word to the president of Victoria United, stating that he will promote them to the second division by manipulating games.

At the end of the season, Victoria United got promoted when the federation decided that Stade de Bertoua, the runner-up from the previous season, was ineligible.

It has been revealed that Samuel Eto’o’s voice was heard in a recording making a promise to the president of Victoria United.

Eto’o said as reported by Daily Mail, “There are things we can do, but you have to be very discreet, brother.

Samuel Eto’o: Cameroon FA president hit with several allegations, asked to stepdown

Samuel Eto’o: Cameroon FA president hit with several allegations, asked to stepdown
“I haven’t even had time to get home yet. I’m out, bro. I haven’t had time to get home and work with the president (of the Cameroonian Referee’s Association) because I can’t call the refs directly and tell them to be careful. But I can work with the president.”

Eto’o was reportedly heard saying, “Opopo (Victoria United’s nickname) must go up to the first division. This is our goal (…) This is our Federation. Victoria United will go up.

“Stay calm, we will grant you the three points and we will suspend the referee. But let me at least go back to Cameroon.

Samuel Eto’o’s daughter reportedly demands Cameroon legend be jailed after allegedly owing her €90,000

“He arrived on the 3rd (January) at night. So we’ll see you in the office on the 4th. Anyway, I’m going to rule out and disqualify this referee.”

Eto’o also spoke about how powerful the president of the referee association is by saying, “He has the power.

Samuel Eto

“From there, he with his commissions will be able to suspend even the president of the referees. Our club, Opopo, must go up to the first division, that is our objective.”

With the evidence of Eto’o’s voice being heard in a recording, he is now under investigation for match-fixing in Cameroon

Six things to know about alleged corruption case against Cameroon FA president, Samuel Eto’o

Samuel Eto’o’s corruption cases

The Cameroonian FA president was recently advised to step down from his position by Cameroon’s Amateur Clubs’ Association (ACFAC).

Samuel Eto’o: Cameroon FA president hit with several allegations, asked to stepdown

Samuel Eto’o: Cameroon FA president hit with several allegations, asked to stepdown
The call for the stepping down of Eto’o by the association was voted 11-1 in favour of the motion last week.

The Cameroonian star was accused of several offences after spending just two years as their FA president.

Prior to further investigation, we at Pulse Sports take a look at all the allegations levelled against Samuel Eto’o.

Cameroonian FA president Samuel Eto’o
Cameroonian FA president Samuel Eto’o
List of alleged corruption case against Cameroon FA president

1. Anti-statutory and illegal move made by Eto’o

Samuel Eto’o tried to extend the number of years he could serve as FA president According to reports.

According to the BBC, the Fecafoot president’s decision to extend his term from four to seven years was both unconstitutional and unlawful.

It also emphasised the fact that new laws passed in August of last year by the association weren’t published.

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2. Eto’o collaboration with betting companies

The Cameroonian FA president has also been accused of getting involved with sport betting companies which is against the rules of FIFA.

Samuel Eto’o agrees to pay €90,000 child support settlement after 5 years of trials

Samuel Eto’o agrees to pay €90,000 child support settlement after 5 years of trials
According to FIFA regulations, people bound by its code “shall be forbidden from participating in, either directly or indirectly, betting, gambling, lotteries or similar events or transactions related to football matches or competitions and/or any related football activities”.

BBC reported that Eto’o accepted an ambassadorial position with a sports betting company that might be against Fifa and Fecafoot rules.

3. Match fixing

Another allegation levelled against the federation is match-fixing and betting on football matches in the league.

According to reports from BBC, an unknown person in Fecafoot is influencing matches in order to place profitable bets on their results,

This statement was released by the ACFAC body which has asked that these allegations should be investigated.

4. Political influence

The FA president has been accused of involving politics in football matters in Cameroon during the preparation for the World Cup in Qatar.

Kane surpasses Eto’o, Batistuta in North Macedonia blowout

Kane surpasses Eto’o, Batistuta in North Macedonia blowout
In December 2021, three months after taking over Fecafoot, Eto’o decided to replace Toni Conceicao, the coach who led Cameroon to third place at the Nations Cup the previous year on home soil, with ex-teammate Rigobert Song.

According to BBC, the appointment was said to have been made by Cameroon president Paul Biya, despite the fact that Fifa forbids any political meddling in the federation administration.

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The 42-year-old admitted guilt to a $3.8 million (£2.96 million) tax scam in June of last year involving his image rights while he was a player for Barcelona.

According to BBC, Eto’o said after the ruling, “I admit the facts and I am going to pay what I’m due, but let it be known that I was just a child then and that I always did what my former agent, who I considered like a father, asked me to do at that time.”

He received a $1.8 million (£1.4 million) fine and a 22-month suspended prison sentence, all of which are believed to have negatively impacted his financial situation.

6. Fecafoot bankruptcy looms
Another issue presented is the rate at which Fecafoot went into bankruptcy after Eto’o assumed the position of president.

ACFAC stated that it was particularly concerned about the “arbitrary exclusion” of a number of senior Fecafoot members who “criticised the opaque and very personal management” of Eto’o and raised issues about the organisation’s continued lack of financial transparency.

According to a BBC report from late last month, Cameroon wouldn’t be sending an under-20 team to a regional competition in the Democratic Republic of the Congo due to a lack of funding.

According to the statement, as reported by BBC, “ACFAC’s executive members have come to the conclusion that Fecafoot is on the verge of bankruptcy on all levels and that it is important to act in an effort to salvage what is still left of Cameroonian football.”

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