How To Make Money: The Business Box In Focus – Entertainment Centre.

There are many ways to make money in the world of business.  Robert Kiyosaki, author and successful investor, took ample time to open up the matrix of money-making and investment in his books, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad and the Cash Flow Quadrant ” among others.

Interestingly, Kiyosaki noted that there that there are four sources to making Money namely: by being employed, being self-employed, owning business, and through investment. 

Robert Kiyosaki’s advice is simple, ‘learn how to be a business owner as well as an investor. 

As we following after the steps of Kiyosaki also subscribes to these novel ideas. Enhancing your life cannot be complete without understanding the concepts of owning a business and investing as well. 


We are no doubt in an era when entertainment and relaxation have the lead among other activities.

The need to satisfy the hunger of the soul, replenish the body after a long day’s job and relax the mind is ever increasing.

Many people are willing to pay a fortune to ensure they get this comfort as desired.

As a result, there is an increasing market that has been created and waiting to be spotted and satisfied respectively.

Solutions are in two categories namely : ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE A & B


Business package includes a DSTV decoder, an LCD Television set, AM 270 Deep Freezer, Compact Disc 3000W, and an AM 3900 Power Generating set.


Business package includes a 21″ LG Television set, AM 270 Deep Freezer, AM 2500 Generating set, and Compact Disc 2100W


Every successful and profitable business is usually built on feasibility intelligence, strategy and meeting the actual needs and of an identified market.

At this point, we advise that intending businesspeople who would want to take advantage of business package of Entertainment Centre to do a thorough analysis or seek business experts before venturing into any business of choice.


Patronage in Entertainment Centre/Bar is very high and can be rewarding if careful feasibility intelligence is properly mixed with strategy.

Patronage to a large extent borders on the quality of service, ambience and the array of services or products available to prospective customers.

This means that a wide  menu that can meet customer’s needs can be a boost to patronage and turnover. If one’s entertainment centre is a hub for viewing football matches and other related events, it can also help increase human traffic and invariably increase the bottom line.


In locating an ENTERTAINMENT CENTRE, one should consider the location it is to be sited. Usually it is wise to pitch such business where there is a heavy human presence and there is a lifestyle that is in tune with entertainment.

The location should be appealing, clean and secured enough to ensure the safety of customers.


In starting an entertainment business, or business spot should be easily accessible to prospective customers and also not to be sited faraway from supplies depots.




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