Important Things To Know About Prostate Problems, Erectile Dysfunction

Byย  Kemi fawole

The prostrate is a walnut-sized gland located between the bladder and the penis. The prostrate is in front of the rectum and secretes fluid that nourishes and protects the sperm. During ejaculation, the prostrate squeezes the fluid into the urethra and expelled with sperm as semen.

There are three most common prostate issues which include, Prostatitis ( inflammation ), Enlarged prostate BPH ) benign prostatic hyperplasia, and Prostate cancer.

Prostatitisis the inflammation or swelling of the prostate gland which is caused by inflammatory substances that invade the tissues of the prostate gland which causes more white blood cells to remain in the gland thereby allowing more inflammatory substances to be released, there are 4 types of prostatitis, namely.

!) Acute bacterial prostatitis (ii) chronic bacterial prostatitis (iii) chronic pelvic pain syndrome (IV) asymptomatic prostatitis.

Each of these will be explained in detail as we proceed with their symptoms which mostly affect urination, pain that comes with urination, frequency or difficulty in urination etc. these and many more will be thoroughly discussed. All of these prostate issues contribute to weak erection, painful ejaculation in some cases and early ejaculation in most men.

Frequently asked question and answer

Hello Viewden, I have been an ardent follower of your articles for some years and I can boldly say it has been of immense help to me, i urinate frequently than I use to in the recent past and i discover that anytime I delay urinating, by the time am set its pretty difficult to get the urine out. The most confusing thing is that I ran a test on my prostate and the result came out perfect, but I know something is not right with my prostate. .my erection is nothing to write home about and this is causing friction in my relationship. I really need your help. Chidi.

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Thank you Sir for your message and we appreciate your review. In naturopathy and homeopathy, we tend to discover health issues when they are still at the functional change which might not be detected no matter the kind of test or conventional machine you use until it migrates to the organic level when the disease has started to damage the organs.

Any challenge you have with prostate is associated with bladder and kidney and that is where we will start the treatment from, I will strongly recommend you get the RFP alongside the CBpills which will correct kidney and bladder imbalance and dysfunction and in turn handle the prostate issue you are having because its still at the early stage, helping out with smooth and ease of urination.

Even if it has progressed to the organic stage, these two recommendations are fantastic to handle it and gradually reverse the situation. As regards your weak erection, I,ll advice you to get Prosolution pills to help correct weak erection and early ejaculation. itโ€™s safe to use and very effective even for diabetics or men with hypertension or other health challenge. Nitkick is another option for strong erection on demand.

This is where we will stop for this week. Any adult who needs any of the above recommendations can email \ call

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