No Apologies , I am Attracted To Men Of God – Sapphire Obi

… I once told Pastor Chris Okotie I was crushing on him’

Fast rising actress, Sapphire Adaobi Obi does not pretend when it comes to baring her mind. The actress many years ago, revealed how she was crushing on men of God, particularly Pastor Chris Okotie.

She hasn’t changed her mind since then as she recently reaffirmed her attraction to men of God declaring, however, that she owes nobody any apology for it. As she puts it, “that’s the way I am.” In this engaging encounter, Sapphire, who’s the president of Africa’s Top 3 pageant, Miss Africa Golden, shares the story of her journey into Nollywood, her aspirations, and why she’s crushing on men of God. She also talks about ladies who flaunt their nudity on social media for one reason or the other.

Why I took a break from acting

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I took a break from acting in 2017, to set up a few international brands that I am currently managing. But I’m back in the industry again after six years of hiatus. But before I took that break, I was actually active in the industry. I wasn’t getting roles in movies as I was supposed to .

My journey in Nollywood

It’s an exciting journey, especially when you know that you have what it takes to interprete any role given to you. It’s a beautiful experience to be on a movie set.

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Struggle to get movie roles

We struggle to actualize our dreams, especially when you are not there for the passion of it. For me acting is beyond art. You are struggling to build yourself as a brand, and there are other people who are out there to compete with you. So, you need to up your game to establish yourself as a brand to reckon with. The truth is that we are going somewhere in this industry, which is why I am back now to take over the space. I have time now to focus on my acting career. I have an option of relocating to the United States. But my acting career has gone beyond being a passion for me. It has become a calling that I have to do it for my God and humanity.

My debut movie

Popular film maker Fidelis Duker gave me my first role in his movie titled “Girls Next Door.” I attended his audition and they said they were looking for a particular character. In fact, it was Uche Iwuji or Empress Njamah that was supposed to play the role. But after I auditioned for the same role, the producer considered me for the role. That was how I landed the role. The movie no doubt brought me to the limelight and opened many doors for me.

Having crush on pastors

Pastors come off as born again christians, who have a better understanding and attitude towards life. I wouldn’t say pastors treat women better than others, but going by what they preach, they have a better outlook towards life and living. Right now, I will go for any man that will give me peace and have fear of God. The reason I said I had a crush on pastor Chris Okotie is because of what he stands for and his charisma.

Breaking my heart

Yeah! Non-spiritual people have broken my heart several times. But pastors have a spiritual aura around them, and beyond being your romantic partner or boy friend, they also father you and bring you closer to God. I have been in a relationship not with a pastor, but a man of God for some time now. You can’t compare that relationship with any other relatioship.

This person means everything to you; he’s your soulmate, your partner, your lover boy and at the same time, he’s giving you something that everybody is looking for, that closeness to God which is so difficult for us. I must say Sapphire Obi as far as I am concerned is attracted to men of God. No apologies, that’s the way I am. Honestly, that’s what attracts me. Every man of God that I come close to is attracted to me. That’s something that has been with me right from childhood.

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My crush on Chris Okotie

I heard that Pastor Chris Okotie mentioned it while preaching on the pulpit that one actress said something. I think he just made a general statement on the pulpit.

Being a single mother

I am a single mother. I just decided to be single and have peace. It was one aspect of me I liked which I yielded to, and I want to exhaust. God can decide to blindfold you and you do what might not inspire you at the end of the day.

Men flocking around me

Men don’t flock around me in that manner. When you put out an aura that suggests ‘I am available’, that’s when they come for you. But I have a lot of men who extend hands of goodwill for my accomplishments. They see me as a strong and visionary woman. They reach out to me and they support me massively beyond wanting to sleep with me. Men are intelligent beings. When they come around a woman, what the woman gives to them is what they are ready to buy. If you are selling sex they will buy you cheaply, but if you are selling your brain, they will support you. There’s a higher energy and a lower energy. I am a higher-energy woman, I sell my brain. So, men don’t come around me for such a reason, instead they come for what I represent.

Ladies flaunting nudity everywhere

There’s always a motive for everything. People who are exposing their bodies have their reasons for doing so. Some are trying to get attention, while many others are putting out such acts as content . For me, all is a welcome development in the sense that everybody has an aspect of himself or herself that he or she is showcasing to the world.

There’s a struggle out there for people to be seen and heard for what they do for a living. So, whatever you think you can do as long as it doesn’t tamper with other people’s rights, or harm anyone at the end of the day is a welcome development. But it does not mean that I’m encouraging ladies who flaunt nudity on social media.

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