2023: South East Does Not Need Senate Presidency; Any Igbo Senator That Accepts It Is A Selfish, Coward  – The Rising-Son

In a Press Statement released on Friday, March 3, 2023 in Abuja, Mazi Oscar David Kalu a.k.a The Rising-Son, a renowned Nationalist, Past Youth Leader and Civil Society Activist, declared that the South East Zone does not need the Senate Presidency of Nigeria in the next Government of Nigeria.

He further went ahead to say that within the next 8 years, it is either the exalted Office of President of Nigeria or nothing else. That if some power players in the Country feel the South East can never be voted as President or not be allowed to rule the Nation, they should as well give the Senate President to any other Zone.

The Rising-Son was quoted as saying “I want to personally and sincerely thank all Nigerians who voted for a South Eastern President in the just concluded Presidential Poll irrespective of Parties, they have shown that our dear and great Country still has men and women with good conscience and scruples; people that believe in equity, justice, peace and unity. May God Almighty greatly reward them all, and ensure justice, peace, prosperity and unmerited favour never depart from their lives, especially those from outside the South East Extraction”

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“On the issue of zoning of Office of the Senate President to South East, Ndigbo resolved before the Party Primaries that it was President or nothing else. Yet both APC and PDP went ahead to produce  Candidates from other Zones, believing that South East was very  divisible and does not have reasonable voting capacity. Hence, my position and advice to my People and Zone; the Land of the Rising Sun, is to maintain our initial stance of NO PRESIDENT, NO OTHER OFFICE!!”

“Ndigbo can not be perpetually viewed and treated as beggers and second class citizens within the Polity of Nigeria. It is time to properly reintegrate us or reconsider our Unity.”

Oscar David Kalu

Mazi Kalu went on to say “If the APC or PDP did not find any IGBOMAN OR WOMAN worthy to hold Office of the President of Nigeria, they can as well zone the Senate Presidency to any other Zone, even to Ghana, if they so wish. Any Igbo Senator that accepts the Office of Senate President must be seen as a SELFISH COWARD. South East can exist and progress with or without Office of the Senate President. The achievements of great Ndigbo has never been tied to governmental positions”

“I call on the good people of South East, especially the Youths, to discard agitations for the Office of the Senate President, and disown any Senator from our Zone scheming for such. One day, the Good People of Nigeria shall be moved by God Almighty to do justice to Ndigbo in the Politics of Nigeria” the Rising-Son concluded.

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