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Drama As Woman Divorce Husband To Marry Her Daughters Boyfriend In Kano


… Why I married my daughter’s boyfriend – Kano woman gives reasons

Woman divorced husband to marry her daughter’s boyfriend
Drama ensued in Rano Local Government Area (LGA) of Kano State after a woman identified as Malama Khadija, dissolved her own marriage to marry her daughter’s suitor.

But speaking on the incident, Khadija said she was healthy and hearty and that she was living happily with her new husband.

When asked why she married her daughter’s suitor, the woman explained that after realizing that her daughter decided not to marry the man, both of them should not lose him and so she decided to contact his family.

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The woman maintained that she was as beautiful as her daughter.

She said, “I didn’t do it with ignorance. I contacted clerics and they said it is not prohibited. When I contacted him, he agreed, but my parents and relatives refused to do the marriage rites. That was why I decided to go to Hisbah and we are happily married now.”

Khadija’s uncle, Abdullahi Musa Rano, who also spoke on the matter, said they refused to allow her to marry the man because she deliberately dissolved her first marriage in order to marry her daughter’s suitor, who was not qualified to be her husband.

He explained that “She mounted pressure on her husband to divorce her just to marry the man. We can’t do this shameful thing in our family which was why we refused to join them in marriage. We are not happy with what Hisbah did and we are reporting to bring out our daughter. We want the general commandant and the state government to look into the matter.”

Contacted, Kano State’s general Commandant of Hisbah, Sheikh Harun Ibn-Sina promised to investigate the matter.

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