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Even If I Don’t Win The Election, I Will Go To Bed Very Happy If APC and PDP lose – Prince Adebayo


The SDP presidential candidate, Adewole Adebayo, while speaking at their presidential flag-off in Ogun State, stated that if he doesn’t win the election and the PDP and APC also lose the election to other parties, he would go to bed very happy.

He added that the APC, who have ruled the country for 8 years, are now claiming that they want to change government. He further stated that the PDP has also ruled for 16 years with no difference to show for it.

According to him, “We will never work with APC or PDP because nobody who loves Nigeria will want those people, with the way they looked confused, to come back at this time.” APC is a confused party, and I’m not saying that out of insult. “They’re in power, and they’re saying they’re going to change government.”

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“PDP will never repent because God doesn’t mind sinners, but the job of the sinner is to repent.” If you’ve been in government for 16 years and you’ve been out of power for 8 years and you’re still as thuggish and as fraudulent as before, then you can never change. I will go to bed very happy even if I don’t win. If PDP and APC are out of power, it’ll be a happy day for me.

Credit: Channels Television

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