Dr. Okuji Oreh, Beyond Politics & Politicking, A Fine Gentleman

In our clime and political sphere, the electioneering period can throw up a lot of characters who appear serious, talk tough, and are full of promises, but beyond the facade of political mumbo jumbo, always lay rays of hope amid the confusion, it only takes discerning minds and a fervent determination to pierce through the overwhelming sentiments to pick out and make them lead the people towards men with the desire to work towards the aspirations of the people. It is always delicate, but possible. This must be our focus.

Like any other period of election, 2023 has thrown up characters, like an ocean avalanche, it has fired up characters among whom the people must choose from to determine their destiny in the next 4 years (or 8 years as the case may be). That is why we must be circumspect in our decision because no part of Abia State can afford to elect leaders that will short-change them through under-representation at any level as has been the case in almost 2 decades of return to democracy. This is where men like Dr. Okuji Oreh come in.

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One may begin to wonder what sets him apart from the rest. Without sounding biased, he is a cool-headed, down-to-earth focused, and goal-oriented youth that has abandoned the comfort of his luxury to offer solutions to myriad Abia problems. He is an accessible young man with lots of workable ideas that will see to the formulation of bills at the National Assembly that will translate to quality dividends of democracy to the Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency.

It will therefore be of immense benefit to the good people of the constituency to insist on electing Dr. Okuji Oreh of the All Progressive Grand Alliance, APGA, the only party that truly cares about the welfare of Ndi Igbo.

Dr. Okuji Oreh is the man that will address the issue of unemployment among Aro/Ohafia constituency youths. He is loaded with fresh ideas and has not been corrupted by the politics of bitterness and no direction that has crippled the state for too long.

A vote for Dr. Okuji is a vote for the development and total emancipation of the Arochukwu/Ohafia Federal Constituency. We must get it right beyond politicking this time.

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