2023: Turning Point Nigeria Endorses Obi, Says His A perfect Fit For Continuation Of A Successful System

… Peter Obi Has Qualities Of A True President  TNP

A Non-governmental organization for promoting good governance and true democratic system in the country, Turning Point Nigeria has endorsed the presidential candidate of Labour Party, Peter Obi. TPN says
Peter Obi has qualities of a true president

In a new year message issued and signed by the President of Turning Point Nigeria, Sir Oswald Chima Okebata on 4th January, 2023.

According to TPN President, Peace and Justice can rain only when equity and fairness are allowed to prevail.  Sir Okebata said, our goal at Turning Point Nigeria is to build a country where governance is achieved through equity and fairness.

So, in keeping with our objective Turning Point Nigeria endorses Peter Obi for President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We call upon all Nigerians who wishes the best for this country to vote for him in February. He said.

Sir Oswald Okebata maintained that TPN endorsement of Peter Obi is not solely based on our call for fairness and equity. It is also formed on his personal qualification among the other two leading candidates Bola Tinubu and Abubaker Atiku.

According to TPN President, The two candidates of Atiku Abubakar and Bola Tinubu are not qualified to replace President Mohmmad Buhari for one fairness reason the are both Muslims like Buhari.

Sir Oswald Okebata, TPN President

Nigeria needs a Christian President as our recent history have shown. Obasanjo a Christina after eight years in power hands over to a Muslim  Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, then Yar’Adua a Muslim was succeeded by Jonathan a Christina then Buhari a Muslim, he explained.

This is the pattern since the third republic started in 1999. Nigeria democracy has been sustained; Nigeria is not ready to break this pattern that have been working so far. Peter Obi candidacy is the perfect fit for continuation of a successful system. Sir Oswald Okebata says.

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PDP nomination of  Abubaker Atiku as their presidential candidate is a complete disrespect of the concept of Nigeria known to all of us and our primer leaders.

Well meaning Nigerians understands that power switch between North and South and have been respecting that from the start. A party like PDP that have no respect for our values and traditions should not get our votes in this election in February. He advises Nigeria voters.

Bola Tinubu the candidate for APC who is a southerner and a Muslim, forget the importance of religion to Nigerians.

Both Muslims and Christians in Nigeria take their faith seriously and it reflect in all their human activities so to tell a Nigerian that faith of our leader does not matter show how little APC thinks of Nigerians.

Christians have supported Buhari government for eight years waiting penitently for their turn on the seat only for Tinubu to tell them that is not important for our president to be a Christian or Muslim, he said.

To make matter worse he chose a fellow Muslim as his vice president.  Does truth matter to Tinubu, this is the same man that did not run with Buhari in 2015 because both are Muslims. If Bola Tinubu cannot act on principle, he does not deserve your vote.

Courageous principal leader is what our country needs right now, and Bola Tinubu is lacking in these areas. He is only running on self-ego and ambition Nigeria is a country and belong to all of us we cannot allow our country to be used to satisfy a personal need of one person.

Bola Tinubu may have all the success in the past, we cannot use Nigeria presidency to compensate him, he is old and have a lot of health Challenges.

He should relax and enjoy his retirement allow the country to move forward under the leadership of Peter Obi.

Politicians in APC and PDP have been going around the country telling people don’t waste your votes. Voting for Peter Obi is not wasting your votes it is a vote of conscience, a vote for real and democratic change in Nigeria.

The old politicians that have failed us repeatedly believes in their power to rig election but this coming February our youths and the entire country have a surprise for them.

Those who believes that power belong to the people will never say that voting is a waste, Turning Point Nigeria believe in the voting power of Nigerian citizens, as we ask you to use that power to elect Peter Obi of the Labour Party of Nigeria the President of Nigerian come this February.

He has the capacity, the character, the compassioned and the patriotism to leader Nigeria. He met the federal character of our new change of power from North to south, from Muslim to Christian.

Then the icing on the cake is he is also an Igbo man. Nigeria is longer overdue for a President of igbo extraction. Turning Point Nigeria have faith is our follow Nigerians to follow their conscience and do the right thing for our country in 2023. He Said.

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