Video: Fans Blast Dancer Korra Obidi For Eating Fufu & Soup With Straw – No Wonder Your Hubby Divorce

Popular Nigerian dancer Korra Obidi, has come under fire from Ghanaians after she used a straw to eat fufu and soup.

Korra who said the food wasn’t her type as she sipped the soup said she was more comfortable with chicken peri peri and the likes.

The dancer who’s in Ghana for the holidays angered residents as she said the soup was a stream, hence needed a straw, said that the fufu didn’t smell.

Some in the comments who felt offended by Korra began to hurl insults at the dancer for the slight.

Recall, Korra had said she was returning to Africa in search of her next husband.

Korra wrote:

Normally Ghana fufu no dey stinkThis light soup na stream. E need straw

Watch video below

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Outrage As Korra Obidi Parades Naked Bum During Lagos Street Dance (Video)

Korra Obidi dancing in Lagos Island

America based newly divorced mother of two Korra Obidi on Monday set Instagram on fire after posting a dance clip performed on the streets of Lagos Island in local costume which, however, exposed much of her naked bum.

The dancer and influencer who has been known for her exposures and erotic dance steps in the US, however, drew strong comments from Nigerians who cried out that her dance on the streets of Lagos was taking her eroticism too far. gathered that though the majority of the comments were critical, there were some exceptions including the equally controversial erotic dancer, Jane Mena who hailed her. Pretty Mike also known for weird outings in Lagos also hailed Korra Obidi over her exposure of her bum on the streets of Lagos. gathered reactions to the video of Korra Obidi dancing with her naked bum on the streets of Lagos:


🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️🤸🏽‍♀️Hot Mama


Fire on 🔥 Queen of dance floor 🙌


I love u Korra but diz ur dressing has to stop 😒


Make Agbero No touch your Yansh o!This is Nigeria!Them craze for these streetz


The men at the back are having the time of their lives


Upon all these, you’re still not known


See Someone mother 😭


Please cover your Yansh for Lagos o,


This guys re unprofessional 😂😂dey jst dey concentrate on yanch


Who else watched more than 5times 🔥🔥🔥


U no fit dress like this for Edostate sha 😮


Those are moves you should be doing for your husband ONLY. Unless you put more clothes on

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Korra internet never forgets… You have kids oo

real_adebimpe50, however, saw nothing wrong with Korra Obidi revealing much of her naked bum on the streets of Lagos.

The level of how people tries to control your life is alarming😂people have different things that make them happy so leave them the fuck alone..I’m not her fan tho all this comments are so funny …y’all may even be badder than privately…hmmmm


The man in red in the back 😂 it’s an early Christmas for him


The guys aren’t even concentrating, their left eyes dey for Nyash 😂🔥


Your madness is becoming to much. You need to find another hubby please


😂😂😂😂 na Nigeria u dey ohh


Stop corrupting our youths please.


Your dressing is always tacky…….🙄 someone should tell her the truth


Korra this is Nigeria for God’s sake. Going bare butt on the streets is a culture we don’t appreciate in Nigeria. Am imagining what’s going on in the minds of those onlookers and passers by


Look at what she’s doing with small boys in Lagos street 🤣🤣🤣 nice one big anuty


If trash was a person… Try dey respect ur father, u are in Nigeria atleast respect him, respect ur culture, respect where u are coming from…


It’s like pe, if one isn’t half naked, you can’t make it anymore 😢😢😢😢It is Well ☺️ I Wonder what the next generation will do in their time… Probably walk the street naked …. God Forgive this Generation 🙏

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