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Ronaldo’s Love Partner Gifts Him A £250,000 Rolls Royce For Christmas


Portuguese professional footballer, Cristiano Ronaldo’s girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez has gifted him a Rolls Royce for Christmas.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s love partner, Georgina Rodriguez, has treated him to a lavish Christmas gift this year, buying the Portuguese superstar a Rolls Royce.

Despite the ambiguity surrounding a football contract for the football legend, Ronaldo was been spotted on Instagram spending time with his family and receiving some opulent gifts from his partner, including what appears to be a brand-new Rolls Royce, which is potentially worth over £250,000.

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The mother of five kids, shared the video on Instagram page on Monday, showing Ronaldo spending time with his family, while surprising him with a brand-new Rolls Royce.

She wrote,” A magic Christmas night, Os amoooo.”Gracias Santaaaa .”

In a video shared by Rodriguez on Instagram, the family were seen having normal, fun Christmas when the exotic was brought into the compound wrapped in a bow.

The family was photographed in the car with a man dressed in a Santa costume.

The 37-year-old is currently negotiating a contract worth £175 million per year with Saudi Arabian club Al Nassr.

Recently, Ronaldo broke another record by reaching 500 million Instagram followers, becoming the first to achieve this milestone.

He is currently the social media user with the highest number of followers, as a result.

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