How To Avoid Over-weight And Eating During Festive Season

…. Here’s how not to get overweight from festive eating.

Overfeeding is almost guaranteed during festivities. One thing is sure to happen during Christmas period, you will eat till you pop, and while many others have decided to give up on their weight loss goals and journey, there are many ways to ensure you are not overfed and you stick to your fitfam goals.

1. Eat healthily

Stock up on carrots, cabbage, lettuce and fruits like oranges, pineapple and bananas. The great thing about vegetables and fruits is that they are quite filling. You can also make salads and smoothies with them.

2. If you are going out, eat before you go

One reason people eat a lot is wherever they are during the festive period, they are offered food that’s so high in calories. This can be sorted out by eating healthy before you go out, so you can say no when offered food.

3. Use a small plate and eat small portions

This is an unknown hack, but if you must eat jollof rice, plantain, pounded yam and all sorts, use a small plate which would reduce your portion size, so you are not overfed.

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4. Stay away from carbonated beverages

There are so many alternatives to soda. Like freshly squeezed juice and even yoghurt. Keep your alcohol level to a minimal level because alcohol even has as many calories as soda.

5. Take long walks

Don’t just eat and sit down during the holidays, you have got to move around! When you feel stuffed and almost constipated, drink a lot of water and take a long walk.

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