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Pregnant Woman Whose Husband Caught Red-handed In Sexual Affair With A Pastor, Ends Her Life


The Pregnant Woman, identify as Martha caught with a pastor has reportedly ends her life. While in the unholy affair, they were caught by the woman’s husband who recorded them with a camera.

New information suggest that the trending video, in which the lady identified as Martha who was  begging for mercy from her husband after being caught red handed with another man, was actually performing the last Ritual for safe Delivery.

Multiple sources said that the two  individuals, the ungodly Daddy Go  and Martha were performing the last ritual, as she was barren for several years and the randy pastor spiritually  assisted In bringing the fruit of the woman.

The woman, who was obviously pregnant, was caught in the act with her pastor, who stood by the wall and watched blankly.

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A husband who was devastated by the act was restored to calling his wife’s name “Martha, Martha” out of pain and agony.

Also, the woman had to try to hide her nakedness and prevent her husband from capturing the moment. She pleaded wearily with her husband, knowing very well that it would not work.

The video has gone viral on social media, with many expressing disgust at the action taken by the woman, who decided to cheat on her husband when she was heavily pregnant.

The pastor has also been called out for his disingenuous act.

Husband catches pregnant wife in bed with pastor in their matrimonial home pic.twitter.com/NMIzRZ8GYb

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According to a new revelation, the pastor actually got the lady pregnant after years of barrenness and only came by to fulfil a spiritual requirement.

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