How Pastor Slept With My Mother On The Promise Of Automatic Ticket To Heaven – Woman Cries Out

Woman reveals how a pastor used automatic ticket to heaven to sleep with her mother. She made this known while responding to an undercover investigation by FIJ’s Fisayo Soyombo on the activities of fake prophets and their methods of defrauding their victims with fake visions and prophesies and shared on twitter

She wrote;

“Dear Fisayo, your investigative work titled “Prophets of their Pockets” is really interesting. However these prophets do not just scam followers of their hard earned money but rob them of their livelihoods as well as their mental health.

“I relate to this your work personally because I am a product of the ‘unholy’ union between a pastor and choir member.

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“Your investigative work has given me the courage to share my story. “I know what it felt like to be stigmatized because of your birth. My mum developed schizophrenia because of church tensions until her death last year.

“My mum’s name never rings a bell but everyone who has heard the original “Amona Tete bo” song would have heard her voice. She was the lead alto and a founding member of the CAC Ayewa gospel band in Kaduna.

“Even as my mum stayed away from church for many years I recall vividly how one of the pastor ‘s came to the house asking her to sleep with him in exchange for an automatic ticket to heaven. Note that this man was married as well.

“This gave me the opportunity to understand their basic schemes and till date I have no iota of respect for clergymen.

“Armed with a title, a silver tongue and an uncanny ability to twist religious books to suit their lust, they pass of personal opinions as spiritual wisdom.”

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