Nigerian States And Their Annual Internally Generated Revenue

The statistics shows that States have been ranked according to their internally generated revenue for 2021, let’s have a look at those states below.

1) Lagos: once a former Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria and the hub of Nollywood industry, it ranks number 1, it generated N753.3 billion.

2) FCT: the Federal Capital Territory of Nigeria, Abuja came second place, it generated N131.9 billion.

3) Rivers: it is an oil state located in the South South Geopolitical zone, it generated N123.3 billion.

4) Ogun: this state is located in South West, it generated N100.7 billion.

5) Delta: it generated N80.2 billion.

6) Kaduna: it generated N52.9 billion.

7) Oyo: it generated N52.1 billion.

8) Edo: this state generated N42.4 billion.

9) Kano state: one of the industrialized states in the North, it generated N40.4 billion.

10) Akwa Ibom: this oil rich state from the South South generated N31.4 billion.

11) Anambra: this state is often recognized as the richest state in the South East and is known for it’s business hub, it generated N30.9 billion.

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12) Ondo: this state generated N30.9 billion.

13) Kwara: it generated N26.9 billion.

14) Enugu: it generated N26.7 billion.

15) Sokoto: this state generated N23.8 billion.

16) Kogi: it generated N23.4 billion.

17) Cross River: this state generated N22.9 billion.

18) Osun: it generated N21.9 billion.

19) Plateau: this state generated N21.4 billion.

20) Nasarawa: this state generated N20.7 billion.

21) Abia state: this state generated N19.6 billion.

22) Zamfara: it generated N18.9 billion.

23) Borno: this state generated N18.7 billion.

24) Bauchi: this state generated N17.9 billion.

25) Jigawa: this state generated N16.5 billion.

26) Niger: it generated N16.2 billion.

27) Ebonyi: this state generated N13.8 billion.

28) Ekiti state: this state generated over N13.6 billion.

29) Bayelsa: it generated N13.3 billion.

30) Adamawa: it generated N13 billion.

31) Imo: this state generated N12.8 billion.

32) Benue: it generated N12.6 billion.

33) Katsina: it generated N12 billion.

34) Gombe: it generated N10.6 billion.

35) Kebbi: it generated N9.9 billion.

36) Taraba: it generated N9.6 billion.

37) Yobe: N8.5 billion.

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