Bad Leadership Is The Cause Of Oil Theft In Nigeria – SDP Presidential Candidate, Prince Adebayo

The Presidential Hopeful of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Prince Adewole Adebayo says that the spate of oil thefts in the country is down to corruption by the elites.

He made this strong assertion during the Arewa Joint Committee interactive session with Presidential Candidates recently in Kaduna State.
“I was the one who broke the news that 80% of the crude oil in Nigeria is been stolen, and as at that time I believe President Buhari didn’t know as he didn’t know some things”. Prince Adebayo said.

He believes that the Government see oil as politics and not as a resource that can be used to improve other sectors of the economy that is why we are seeing oil being stolen in millions of barrels everyday in the country.

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“A system where there are proper checks and balances in the economy will reduce by a very large extent, the theft of oil in the country”. He said.

He believes that diversifying the economy is not something that he will prioritize because the country is blessed with so many resources that focusing only on oil is just dragging the country back.

He said that his way of doing this is to develop every resource available in every part of the country, and this will be done by, “giving capacity to every State in terms of investment to manage their resources and use it to develop their State”.

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