At 62-yr Independence: Nigeria Yet To Attain Goals Of Founding Fathers – HRM Ihenetu, Eze Igbo Ghana

As Nigeria celebrates 62 years of independence, the Eze Ndigbo Ghana and the Assistant Publicity Secretary Association of Ndieze Ndigbo in the Diaspora, HRM Eze Dr Chukwudi Ihenetu has lamented that the country was yet to achieve the loafty goals of unity in diversity set out by its founding fathers at independence.

In a statement from the revered Obiukwu Obieziokwu palace, the Umuduruoha Amaigbo Nwagele Imo-State born Royal Father said unless the country eschew tribalism, ethnicity and corruption, it will take time for the country to blend into true nationhood.

While taking critical look at factors that determine if a nation has truely grown to it’s full potentials, HRM Eze Dr Ihenetu said Nigeria was still struggling with issue of poor governance which has resulted in epileptic power supply, poor road network, insecurity and lack of political will to develop the education sector.

In the area of power the Royal father said poor power supply has made it difficult for large and small scale industries to survive. As such many multinationals have left the country to neighboring countries where the environment is more conducive.

” When companies relocates, workers lose their jobs and level of poverty increases. Poverty also breeds crime which in turn fuel insecurity that is currently facing the nation.”

On the issue of poor road network, HRM Ihenetu, a global Peace Ambassador said, most part of the nation is unmotorable. As a result commuting from one part of the country is a big problem.”

Just look at the road connecting Nigeria to Benin Republic and you will weep for this country. the road which is the gateway to other West African countries is so bad that on getting to Nigeria side, you can spend days on that stretch of road. Under such condition, which country will take you serious?” He queried.

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On insecurity, HRM Dr Ihenetu said practically, no any part of the country is safe. From Armed robbery to kidnapping for ransome, the country has been brought down to it’s knee. This development has forced many investors to flee while the ones outside are too afraid to return home to contribute to development of the country.

Furthermore, HRM Dr Ihenetu said the inability of the federal government to settle their difference with University lecturers which has left the universities shut for over 7 months show that the country lacks the will to develop it education sector. The sad result is that many of our youths are daily leaving the country to other parts of the world, while those left behind becomes willing tools in the hands of criminals.

On the way forward, HRM Dr Ihenetu called on the federal government to pursue true federalism where Nigerians with regardless of their tribe and tongues would be allowed to contribute their quota towards the development of the nation.

He also called for development of education sector so that youths could learn and attain their full potentials.
He concludes by adding that if Nigeria environment becomes conducive and viable, Nigerians in the Diaspora will be willing to return home so as to contribute their quotas to the development of the country.

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