PUBLIC NOTICE: Eze Ndigbo Ghana, HRM Dr Ihenetu Debunks Falsehood On Obieziokwu Palace

” Miffed by allegations originating from detractors that Eze Ndigbo Ghana, HRM Dr Chukwudi Ihenetu harbours leader of Ebubeagu in his palace in Ghana, the revered Royal Father has debunked the allegations as tissues of lies from pits of hell”.

In a statement monitored on Eze-Igbo TV, Ghana, HRM Dr Ihenetu passionately appealed to Ndigbo and other Nigerians to ignore the rumor which he described as another futile attempt by enemies to undermine the throne and distract him from organising a successful Igbo Day/New Yam festival.

Eze Ndigbo Ghana, HRM Dr Ihenetu

In his words, HRM Dr. Ihenetu said: “My brothers and sisters in the Diaspora, please, my enemies and enemies of Ndigbo are at it again. They have come out again with fresh allegations that I, HRM Eze Dr. Chukwudi Ihenetu harbours  wanted leader of Ebubeagu in Imo in my palace in Ghana.

“This is never true. This is hundred per cent lie. This is a  wrong information and falsehood from my enemies, those that are against this throne that i am sitting on. Those that fought me physically, spiritually and in court and could not succeed. “Every Year, they would come up with one propaganda or the other against the throne and against me as an individual.

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“Last year, they  alleged that I worked with Federal government to arrest IPOB members in Ghana and this turned out to be false,whereas i was the one that facilitated the release of this young men. God vindicated me and their plans proves to be false.

“This year again, they have come again with false allegations that i harbour Ebubeagu commander in my home. My brothers and sisters I don’t even know Ebubeagu leader nor have anything to do with them in Ghana.

” Recall that sometime last year, these evil men raised false allegations that i was mastermind  of arrest of IPOB members in Ghana. All they wanted then, was to scuttle the new yam festival.

Today as we prepared for yet another New Yam Festival/ Igbo Day, these evil people  have also gone to town again with  falsehood.”

I am sure that this latest propaganda would also meets it Waterloo.

I am using this medium to announce that on 18th  of September, Ndigbo in Ghana will celebrate the New Yam festival as well as empower the less privileged. His Majesty, Eze Igbo Ghana HRM Dr Ihenetu said.

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