Attacks On Christians, Churches:  Perish Islamization agenda in Nigeria Or Be Consumed – IPOB warns

The Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, Tuesday said that no individual, government or ethnic groups is capable, or have the capacity to islamize or make part of Nigeria Fulani colony, saying that people, government and some ethnic groups trying to achieve that by all means and with all sorts of tricks will not succeed.

IPOB also warned that any government, ethnic group or individual that insist on Islamizing and attempting to turn all part of Nigeria to Fulani colony will be consumed in the process, saying that intimidation of any religion by other religious groups or ethnic group by others, no matter how small or big the number of such religion faithful and ethnic group may be, it can never be achieved as it has never been achieved in the world and can never be achieved, not even in Nigeria.

IPOB said that irresponsible and non responsive governments across the world have come up with all kinds of oppressive political, economic and social and even cultural policies and somehow had their ways, but have never succeeded with it on religion, urging those thinking in the direction of Islamizing and making every part of Nigeria Fulani colony in Nigeria to drop such idea because it will not sail, but its rather a time bomb that will consume them if they are not careful.

A statement by IPOB, Media and Publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful, entitled, “No religion can consume the other, Nigerians can never be all Muslims” alleged that since the inception of the President Mohammadu Buhari led All Progressive Congress, APC, Federal Government of Nigeria, they have applied all sorts of tricks, intimidation, harassment and policies to achieve their Islamization plans, but have not succeed, saying that IPOB will never succumb or allow them to succeed in that path.

According to IPOB, “That the attack of Christians in Church across Nigeria, using Fulani herdsmen, bandits and terrorists to attack communities in the country and sacking them from their ancestral homes, killing of their men, women, youths and raping their young ladies, are all plans aimed at taking over the communities and foisting strange religions on them, are all pointer to the dubious islamization and fulanization agenda.”

“The antecedents of the present administration, the big wigs in the party, APC, that calls the shorts in the government and the state governors who are popular and have the ears of Mr. President are more or less Islamic fanatics and Fulani footsoldiers for jihad who have no apology or ready to render one when people with different religious view feel hurt and complain.”

“For us in IPOB, and we have always said it to every one that cares to hear in Nigeria, that the present administration in Nigeria, came to empower, enrich and to lord a particular ethnic group on others, and to promote a particular religion, which is Islam and and foist it on other Nigerians. Our leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said this on February 6th 2014 and it is now happening.

“We are however asking them to perish their devilish plans which ever way they want to achieve it or be ready to be consumed with their families in the futile process of achieving it. Islamizing and fulanizing Nigeria is not possible, sacking people completely from their ethnic groups and ancestral land is a task unachievable, and therefore they should rest such plans.

“For us in IPOB, it is not a rumour that there are plans to Islamizing and fulanise Nigeria, because we have seen it far beyond and shouted when others have not started seeing it and broadcasted it on radio Biafra London. However, our consolation has been that we are sure that the promoters of the evil agendas will fall and be consumed with it.”

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