Jubilation As Eze Igbo Ghana, HRM Dr. Ihenetu Install Igwe Kingsley Chinedu Eze Ndigbo Central Region, Ghana

Recently, Central Region Ghana and the environ erupted into joy as the Paramount king of Ndigbo in Ghana, HRM Eze Dr Chukwudi Ihenetu and Elders of Obiukwu Obieziokwu palace installed Igwe Kingsley Chinedu as Eze Ndigbo Central Region, Ghana.

Earlier in the week, HRM Eze Dr Ihenetu had introduced Igwe Kingsley to the traditional authorities of Central Region and Police Officer in charge of Ghana Central Region as part of formalities that climaxed into  the installation of Igwe Kingsley.

In his remarks while breaking the kolanuts, HRM Dr Ihenetu described The new Eze Ndigbo, Eze Kingsley as a humble servant leader who will bring blessings to Ndigbo in Central Region, Ghana.

In his words the Umuduruoha Amigbo Nwagele Imo-State born Paramount Eze Ndigbo in Ghana, HRM Eze Dr Ihenetu, said the installation of Igwe Kingsley as Eze NdIgbo Central Region  Ghana , will bring Igbo culture and tradition closer to Ndigbo in that region.

While charging the new Eze to be upright in all his doing, HRM Dr. Ihenetu who is also the Assistant Publicity Secretary Association of Ndieze Ndigbo in the Diaspora urges Igwe Kingsley to always obey the laws of the land: “As you are installed today as Eze NdIgbo in Central Region, Ghana, I pray that you will be successful in all your activities.

As the traditional head of Ndigbo in Central Region, Ghana,  please always put GOD in front of you, then  affairs of Ndigbo. If you do that, our ancestors will bless you and you will prosper in all your doings “, he prayed.

In his words of advice to the new Eze, HRM Dr Ihenetu urges Igwe Kingsley to use the throne to foster peace  and unity among Ndigbo in Central Region. “You should use the throne to promote Igbo culture and traditions in the Diaspora by  holding town hall meetings and rub minds on how to move the Igbo race forward.”

Furthermore, HRM Dr Ihenetu also explained that aside taking care of the Igbo, Igwe Kingsley should also use the throne to defend other Nigerians within his jurisdiction. “Again, I appealed to you not to use the throne to intimidate people or challenge the authority of our host nation or the authority of Igbo traditional institution back home.

As a matter of fact, once you cross the River Niger, you must be submissive to Igbo traditional kings in Igboland. This clarification is necessary because our role as Diaspora Eze is not to compete with our Royal fathers back home but to complement their efforts outside Igboland by ensuring that our children learn and understand Igbo language, culture and traditions.”

Earlier, the arena was thrown into frenzy as masquerades and Ogene Igbo traditional band serenades the people. The event also witnessed rich African cuisine as thousands of people at the event were fete with Igbo  meal.

In his closing remarks, HRM  Dr Ihenetu who was recently honoured with Champion Newspapers Personalty awards 2021, charges Ndigbo in Ghana to continue to do Igbo proud by obeying all the laws of the land.

“As the Paramount Eze Ndigbo in Ghana, it is my responsibility to move round, identify where Igbos are in large number and install Ezes who will help direct affairs of our people in such regions.  By the grace of God, In September 18th 2022, Ndigbo will witness the largest cultural carnival in Diaspora as we organises Igbo Day in Ghana” and 10 years anniversary of igbo kingship in Ghana.

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