2023 Elections: SNP President, Dr Chukwu Warns Political Parties Against Imposition Of Unpopular Candidates

The President Save Nigeria Project and National Chairman of All Progressives Congress United Publicity Association (APCUPA) Dr Charles Chukwu, has warned leaders of the All Progressives Congress, APC, People’s Democratic Party, PDP and other political Parties not present unpopular candidates at both national and state levels against factions and imposing unpopular candidates as the 2023 general election approaches.

The President of Save Nigeria Project gave the warning in a press briefing with the journalists in Abuja, 5th May, 2022.

He maintained that political parties must reached agreements on the form it would use to select a presidential, Gubernatorial, Senatorial, House of Representatives and Assembly candidates and other matters relating to the 2023 general election.

Dr Charles Chukwu said, “I enjoin you all to follow due process in all the parties processes and more importantly to develop more mechanisms against corruption and imposition of unpopular candidates.

“I call on all political parties members to abide by all extant laws, rules, and regulations and to leaders of political parties to avoid the imposition of candidates that cannot win popular elections. Rather present people oriented candidates who can save Nigeria from the current socio-economic challenges and National maladies.

“This dictatorial behaviour has cost Nigeria many strategic progress and development in the past. In the recent past, this has led to the unruly behavior of political leaders in the country.  “I must caution strongly against any tendency towards developing cliques, in–fighting within the political parties.

Save Nigeria Project, SNP President, Dr Charles Chukwu calling on the political parties to ensure transparency and fairness for all aspirants in the upcoming primaries election of the parties ahead of 2023 general elections.

He also called on the National leadership of the political parties to checkmate the organs of their party saddle with the responsibility of electing their candidates to create and ensure an enabling environment for all aspirants to enjoy a free, fair, credible, transparent, just and an acceptable process before, during and after the Parties Primaries across the different political parties in the country.

The President of Save Nigeria Project, SNP Dr Charles Chukwu also called on the Nigerian electorate to vote for candidates based on their personal attributes and not for political party considerations.

He also picked holes in the process through which Nigerian leaders emerge, alleging that it has caused lack of progress and development in the country.

Dr Charles Chukwu further explained that it was high time the electorate voted for credible leaders of their choice based on their person and not based on political party for the progress of the country

Dr Charles Chukwu, disclosed that Save Nigeria Project, SNP said strategies and measures had been mapped out to sensitize Nigerians on the need to know what was expected of them, ahead of the 2023 general elections.

He pointed out that voting behaviour would be mainly based on candidates who have impeccable character to uplift the living standard of the people  and save Nigeria from socio-economic, political emancipation and national maladies

In his words, “We are all aware that our dear country, Nigeria, will go into the polls come 2023 to elect another set of political leaders ranging from State to National Assembly members, as well as governors of States and the president”.

But Dr Chukwu, who noted that as political parties have commenced the sale of nomination forms to elect their candidates, the electorate should be wary of dirty political activities capable of enthroning another circle of bad leaders into various offices in the country.

He added, “The issue of placing political parties above individual pedigree is becoming overwhelming in our voting pattern.

“Na person, No Be party,” he warned.

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