Worker’s Day: Eze Igbo Ghana HRM Dr Ihenetu Salute Nigerian Workers As They Celebrates, Urges FG To Improve On Welfare Package

As workers across the world mark this Year’s Workers’ Day, the Eze Ndigbo Ghana, HRM Dr Chukwudi Ihenetu has joined other prominent Nigerians and world leaders to salute the worker.

In a statement issued from his Obiukwu Obieziokwu palace in Ghana, HRM Dr Ihenetu who is also the Assistant Publicity Secretary Association of Ndieze Ndigbo in the Diaspora said Nigerian workers are undergoing severe economic hardship worsen by COVID-19 and bad governance.

While noting that past administrations, and political leaders have promised good living and working conditions, as well as improved economy, over the years Nigerians have continued to live under pitiable condition. “Unemployment, galloping inflation in the economy, devaluation of the naira, low wages, widespread insecurity, the rising cost of living, a near collapse education sector, and a failing healthcare sector, are problems that has made life hellish for workers.”

The Amigbo Nwagele Imo-State born Royal Father appeal to His Excellency President Muhammadu Buhari to yield to demands of the striking University lecturers so that students can return to school.

“It is sad that our children who are supposed to be in school are at home due to prolonged ASUU strike.

Some of this children ends up joining bad gangs, while others becomes tools in the hand of some politicians as thugs.”

On how the FG can improve on the welfare of workers, HRM Dr Ihenetu urges the government to address problem of epileptic power so that small scale industry can thrive.

the Royal father also urges government at all level to address the problem of poor health care delivery as well as cases of insecurity. “If all this challenges are addressed, life will become more meaningful for Nigerians”, he said.

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