Easter: Let God’s Unending Love Reign Supreme, SDP Nat’l Youth Leader Charges Nigerians

The National youth leader of Social Democratic Party, SDP, Comrade Ogbonna C Uchechukwu has sent greetings to Christians in the country Nigerians at large as they join the world in the celebration of this year’s Easter

In an Easter message released by his media office, Comrade Ogbonna noted the divine love of God for mankind as confirmed by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ which is celebrated by Christians all over the world at Easter.

He argued that such love, spread among neighbours, will help to put Nigeria in an enviable position among the comity of nations.

According to SDP Youth Leader, love comes before other considerations for a society’s existence or progress.

Easter offers us the opportunity to rethink the essence of our humanity”, Ogbonna lamented that “the worsening state of insecurity, grinding poverty, unemployment, senseless waste of human lives, have become a daily occurrence that is driving the people into despair.”

“It is love that propels peace. It is love that makes leaders want to act right. It is love that helps the followers to live in unity. Even Jesus noted that loving your neighbour is one of the most important commandments of God.

“It is love that will help us build faith in our country and grow it further from where it currently stands. With love, there can’t be cases of man’s inhumanity to man.

“Just as Easter allows us to understand the importance of love and forgiveness, I want to urge Nigerians to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with sober reflection on His virtues and the lessons He left behind,” Uchechukwu said.

Those who live to inflict maximum harm, pain and suffering on their fellow men, through the promotion of policies that make it impossible for a greater number of Nigerians to live with dignity, as well as those who appropriate our common patrimony to themselves and families alone, should do well to act in a way that will ensure the spread of joy and happiness to all in the society.

“Death is one state of being that no other power can reverse. In the midst of fear, sorrow, pain, hardship and death that confront us every day in Nigeria, the message remains: You faithful saints, fresh courage take, the cloud you so much dread are rich with mercy and shall break with blessings on your head.”

The youth leader further urged Christians to use the opportunity of the celebration to pray for a better Nigeria, a peaceful 2023 election, as well as divine wisdom for the leaders of the country.

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