Easter: Eze Igbo Ghana HRM Dr Ihenetu Prays For Unending Love, Charges FG To Give IPOB Leader Accelerated Fair Hearing

Eze Ndigbo Ghana and the Assistant Publicity Secretary Association of Ndieze Ndigbo in the Diaspora, HRM Eze Dr Chukwudi Ihenetu has sent greetings to Christians in Nigeria and the diaspora, as they join the world in the celebration of this year’s Easter.

In an Easter message released and signed by himself on the Easter eve, the revered royal father noted the divine love of God for mankind as confirmed by the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ which is celebrated by Christians all over the world at Easter.

He argued that such love, spread among neighbours, will help to put Nigerians both at home and in diaspora in an enviable position among the comity of nations.

According to Eze Ndigbo Ghana HRM Dr Ihenetu, love comes before other considerations for a society’s existence or progress.

“It is love that propels peace. It is love that makes leaders want to act right, it is love that helps the followers to live in unity. Even Jesus noted that loving your neighbour is one of the most important commandments of God.

“It is love that will help us build faith in our community and society and grow it further. Let us, therefore, use the occasion of this Easter celebration to purge ourselves of those acts that at best make us hypocrites and at worst enemies of Christ.

“Just as Easter allows us to understand the importance of love and forgiveness, I want to urge Christians and Nigerians to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with sober reflection on His virtues and the lessons He left behind,” the traditional ruler said.

The royal father further urged Christians to use the opportunity of the celebration to pray for a better Nigeria, a peaceful 2023 election as well as divine wisdom for the leaders of the country.

Eze ndigbo in Ghana HRM Ihenetu Charge FG to give IPOB leader accelerated fair hearing, Kanu should have easy access to his lawyers and family member.

The Royal father further urges federal Government to exercise caution in handling the matter as international community are keenly following the case. “The way we handle the matter will determine how they will rate our Human Right record”, he said.

While commending Ohanaeze Ndigbo for rising to the occasion by not abandoning ‘our son’, Eze Ihenetu said Kanu and other agitators are products of anomalies in the Nigerian system. “If their is true federalism, resource control and absence of marginalisation, people like Kanu, Igboho and other agitators will not arise.

Also if there is good governance and our youths gainfully employed, agitators would not also have followers. So i am appealing to the government at all level to create jobs and reduce poverty. if all this things are given attention, tension will reduce in the land.”

While also thanking former Governor of Anambra State, Chukwuemeka Ezeife for agreeing to lead Ohanaeze observer team and for being physically present at the court, to witness the trial. HRM Ihenetu appeal to Ndigbo to continue to maintain peace as justice would soon prevail over tyranny.

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