7 Cheapest Electric Cars To Buy In 2023

Check these top 7 Cheapest Electric Cars To Buy In 2023

The automobile industry has transitioned since it became obvious that there could be a more efficient, eco-friendly, and cost-effective way to power a car. This began the rise of electric cars and if you are doubting, they are here and come to stay in the world. See top 7 Cheapest Electric Cars To Buy In 2023

Electric cars are the present and a large part of the future of the automobile industry. With electric cars, you can finally bid petrol goodbye and no longer suffer the irregularities in fuel price, especially during the period and times of scarcity and economic crisis.

Now you have seen the reasons you should be interested in electric cars, so you can start gathering your money to get yourself one. When you want to buy electric cars, here is a list of affordable and 7 Cheapest Electric Cars To Buy In 2023.

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Nissan Leaf

nissan leaf electric car
Nissan leaf electric car

The Nissan leaf comes with smart features with the latest technologies including e-pedal, ProPilot systems, bluetooth Apple CarPlay, connectivity, navigation and Android Auto installed amongst others.

The exterior body of the Nissan leaf has a sleek design with a distinctive V-Motion grille, a unique floating roof and sharp aerodynamic lines.

The standard Leaf models come with a 147-horsepower electric motor that powers the front wheels, with a 40.0kWh battery that is able to go on a journey of about 160miles on full charge.

The Nissan Leaf is fully electric and comes at a starting price of about US20,000 Dollars

Ford Focus Electric

Ford Focus Electric
Ford Focus Electric

You can get this fully electric car for as low as US20,000 Dollars, the price may range from place to place in Nigeria depending on transportation expenses to where you live and other logistics.

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With the Ford Focus Electric, you can travel as far as 115miles on the installed 143HP power engine. The challenge however with the Ford Focus Electric is the time it takes to get a full charge. With a 240 volt outlet, it takes about five and a half hours for full charge, but with a 120 volt outlet, it can take a long period of time of about 20hours.

Volkswagen E-Golf

Volkswagen E-Golf
Volkswagen E-Golf

Luxury does not necessarily have to be expensive, believe me good comfort can be affordable. The Volkswagen e-golf is a perfect example of luxury at an affordable price. The vehicle has smart exciting features a USB port, Bluetooth, HD radio, digital cockpit, rearview Vera, satellite radio and great battery.

Volkswagen E-Golf is able to give great performance with it’s powerful 134 horsepower electric vehicle. The starting price comes for as low as US22, 000 Dollars

Kia Soul Ev

Kia Soul Ev in Nigeria


One of the most affordable electric cars you can find is the KIA Soul. This electric vehicle comes at a cost ranging from US24,000 to US28,000. This offers good value for money considering the top-notch tech features the electric vehicle is equipped with. These tech features include smooth acceleration, bluetooth, navigation and simple safety features. The vehicle has sufficient cargo space and could comfortably seat about 4-5 adults.

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive
Smart Fortwo Electric Drive

This is one of the cheapest electric cars you will find in the Nigerian automobile market for as low as US18,000 Dollars. The car provides ample fuel economy and environmentally friendly materials are used in its design, such that your health and that of the planet are preserved. The car is also extremely portable and light, such that you feel good on the go.

On a single full charge of about 3 hours with a 240- volt charger, Smart Fortwo Electric Drive can travel for about 60miles.

Tesla S Model

Tesla Cars In Nigeria


Tesla s, made from Tesla Inc. is another unique breed of electric cars you can find on the streets. Of all the Tesla models, only Tesla S has been spotted rated the best electric car company and maker in the world.

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Tesla S is equipped with state-of-the-art features. It has a spacious interior design that contains the dashboard where you find the 17-inch touch-screen infotainment system. They are two kinds of Tesla S- the Long Range and the Performance trim. Equipped with two electric motors, the Long-range Model S can attain an acceleration of 0-60 mph in 3.7s and a top speed at 155mph; with an estimated range of 412miles. The Performance Model S has an even travel 0-60mph at 2.4s.

Hyundai Kona Electric Vehicle

Hyundai Kona Electric car in Nigeria
Hyundai Kona Electric car has been trending. 

Hyundai Kona Electric vehicle is the first of its kind made so cheap. it is one of the cheapest electric cars you can consider buying.

Hyundai Kona is a fully electric car that can travel for up to 482km after 9.35hours of charging. The electric car has an inbuilt 201-hp electric motor powered by  64.0-kWh battery that helps the Hyundai Kona EV achieve the 0 to 60 acceleration time of 6.4 seconds. The car also comes with other smart features like bluetooth, navigation, Wi-Fi connectivity, Android Auto, Auto Play etc.

You can get the Hyundai Kona EV for as low as US44,000 Dollars

Conclusion And Recommendation

Now, you see cruising in the latest breed of luxury cars isn’t as expensive as you might have thought. These car prices and brief reviews can inform you on your next decision to buy a car.  You can go for the 7 Cheapest Electric Cars To Buy In 2023. They are available, affordable and cheap.

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