It’s 2022 and I don’t know about you but I’m very hopeful for what Nollywood has to offer us this year. Those of you that have already written the entire industry off because of a certain film, calm down first. One film doesn’t always represent the entirety of the industry. This is the year of the underdogs, the indie filmmakers who are telling untold stories. Here are a couple of movies that we’re looking forward to this year.

1. For Maria

The multi-award-winning film, For Maria, directed by Damilola Orimogunje, is finally coming to our screens. The long-awaited film premiers on Netflix on January 16th. The film tells a story of a young woman, Derin, who after a complicated child delivery, struggles with the reality of postpartum depression.

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2. Juju Stories

Another film festival favorite hits the Nigerian screens later this month. Juju Stories, a three-part anthology that explores popularized juju stories (literally). The anthology film written and directed by Abba T. Makama, C.J. Obasi, and Michael Omonua, explores three popularized Juju stories rooted in Nigerian folklores. Juju Stories is coming to cinemas nationwide on January 21st.

3. The Man For The Job

A Niyi Akinmolayan classic is coming to us this year and we’re ready to receive it. Last year Anthill productions put in the work with their films and it showed in their box office numbers. The little information we’ve received about this film includes Niyi Akinmolayan as the director and the film plot surrounding cybercrime.

4. Collision Course

Who isn’t excited for another BAP film? I don’t know about you but we are and can’t wait to see it. The details of the release date haven’t been disclosed but from Bolanle Austin Peters’ Instagram, she assures us it’ll be released real soon (not so much but we can only be hopeful right?). The film follows the story of a law enforcement officer and musician whose paths cross and worlds collide.

5. The Black Book

This Anakle project has been in the works for almost two years and is set to be released later in the year. the exact date hasn’t been revealed by the production company yet but we’re hoping it will be released as soon as possible. Directed by Editi Effiong, the film stars notable talents including Richard Mofe Damijo and Femi Branch.

6. Baby Maker

A friendship goes sour after Nasa decides to have a child with her best friend Mofe. After recovering from a myomectomy, Nasa is advised by her doctor to conceive in time to avoid complications in the future. After a failed IVF procedure with her best friend Mofe, she decides to conceive the natural way with him.

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A mix of feelings stir up and start to rock their tight-knit friendship. The film was written by Adaora Udeh and directed by Orimz, it also features Kunle Remi, Adaora Udeh, Bolaji Ogunmola, and Alvan Udeh. Information on the exact release date is still unavailable.

These are just six out of the many unannounced movies we’re going to be graced with this year. If you’re not slightly excited for any of this then I dont know for you again. This looks like it’s going to be a good year for film