Crusoe Osagie’s Discordant Tones In Edo Government House (Part 2)

By Erasmus Ikhide

AS expected, Mr. Crusoe Osagie who calls himself a pastor, did not fail to act beyond what he was hired to do; help to nurse the self-inflicted wounds of his paymaster. I read with chagrin his notorious commonplace nuisance reaction to my symbolic article, “Unlike Obaseki, Makinde Gifts Party Chairmen Jeeps.”

First, Osagie does not know what obscurity means, if he does, he won’t call News/TV  obscure that has 330,000 daily views. How would Crusoe know when he was just an advert agent and front desk boy with Thisday Newspaper where he met Dangote’s PA who eventually introduced him to Obaseki and on basis of nepotism, gave him the job John Mayaki from Igarra in Akoko was doing effectively? Let Crusoe Osagie show the Edo people any single article or link connected to his name as published in the Thisday Newspaper he pride himself with that he has worked in two decades. All the stories and press releases from the Government House are written for him by the Nigerian Observer’s correspondents who were seconded to there.

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Crusoe does not need to verify the news about the gifted SUVs; Makinde came into government declaring asset of over 45 billion Naira as personal worth, he can buy as much SUV he likes from his personal funds for his party chairmen for the purpose of smooth relationships as against the failed Obaseki in the business world who was rescured from Lagos by Comrade Oshiomhole from the pangs of bankruptcy but later betrayed just like he is now betraying PDP leaders in the state, a pasttime that is in his DNA.

The essence of the article was to show the relationships Obaseki has with the PDP chairmen in the state compared to that of others like Governor Mankinde. Is it not the same Obaseki Crusoe is trying to defend that is spending the same amount of money enough to buy jeeps that is using to sue 12 PDP chairmen to court for accepting the palty sum of #150,000 he paid them for three months before the election? Did these money come from Obaseki’s personal accounts? Does he want EFCC to investigate the source of the funds he used for election?

Thank God Crusoe Osagie was able to point to several unMOUs projects one can attach to the Governor Makinde’s administration, I wish he could point to such in Edo State or take us round schools and roads that have not been either dilapidated or not pliable by commuters. 5 years running, Obaseki’s projects have not been able to move from past MOUs to visible infrastructures. Apart from Crusoe and those within the ‘eating’ range, every single Edo State member knows Obaseki is a gross ‘non-performer’ and a total failure to which PDP has been trying to dissasociate itself from as not to rub them of chances come 2024.

Oh, Crusoe has put salt on the healing wounds on the scarred bodies of the Edo State people from the consequence of the #EndSars protest in 2020. The conflagration in Edo State was occasioned by the government’s industrious wickedness in hoarding the palliatives from the people after the FG shared same to Obaseki to give to the ordinary people during the lockdown. Obaseki, in his usual ugly wickedness, left most of the perishables there to go bad. Yes, he left them in a warehouse there in Benin to rot away until the masses broke into the warehouse to cart away the blistering shame. That shameful act was an open sore that was enough for Obaseki to have resigned assuming he had an iota of integrity. For the unconscious Crusoe to mention that sad part of our contemporary history is akin to opening healing wounds.

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Mr. Crusoe should direct his arrows of war towards the opposition his boss has created in PDP where he has been receiving defeats upon defeats in courts of competent jurisdiction by Chief Dan Orbih who has been standing against his usual notoriety that brought APC to its knees. Is Crusoe Osagie not aware of how much was used to pay Newspapers like Vanguard, Leadership, Guardian and others to peddle the falsehood that Chief Dan Orbih and others were restrained from attending the PDP National Convention, which was a blatant lie? How much was paid for that false narrative? Is Crusoe not aware the court was furious over the criminal act?

Crusoe Osagie is as crude as his vanity of a governor called Obaseki who has a trail of destruction. He is an enemy of civilization, a moral decadent and beastly at it who literally throws Molotov cocktails to inflame emotive sentiments among ‘forward and share’ brainwashed youths, internet urchins and paid madrassas who’s jobs end in slighting patriotic Edo State citizens, even within PDP, who are calling for rectitude and normalcy to civil society that the Obaseki’s administration has made chaotic. I cannot specifically blame Crusoe; even with all he makes from the government, he still looks like a unfed hag who is defending his loaf of bread left in the lackluster administration of Obaseki that has 36 months left to expire before it faces massive probe from EFCC.

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