Crusoe Osagie’s Discordant Tunes In Edo Government House (Part 1)

By Erasmus Ikhide

A few days ago, Governor Godwin Obaseki of Edo State had the misfortune of gathering local ‘social media influencers’ and internet urchins in Government House. He empowered them to start insulting their fathers and mothers who dare point out the hollowness of his failed government of vandalism, asphyxiation and banditary.

The occasion was meant to mark the hollow ritual of his remaining thirty six months (36) in office under the guise of Alaghodaro’s gambit of backwardness. In the process the Governor and his scoundrel – Crusoe Osagie – as usual exhibited utter unconsciousness for thinking that they can earn citizens’ respect when they engaged in shadowy propaganda, instead of fixing critical decaying infrastructures that need urgent attention.

Curiously, as part of pulling the wool over people’s faces, Crusoe Osagie responded to a news story published by media two weeks ago where it was reported that Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo purchased vehicles for political party leaders as rewards for his electioneering support. Because of Crusoe Osagie’s self-denial, self-abnegation and mental incapacity, he forgot that his boss wasted taxpayers’ money to procure his governorship ticket last year, bought vehicles for politicians and chiefs across the state he is now chasing away from the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). The petition on how Governor Obaseki squandered Edo State resources on political voyage is currently before the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) to be treated at the appropriate time.

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Shamefully, Crusoe gleefully rolled out Seyi Makinde’s achievements “such as the 65km Moniya-Ojutaye-Ijaiye-Iseyin road, several impactful agricultural programmes, and the ultramodern Lekan Salami Stadium, which is geared to drive youth development in the state”, but failed to mention any achievements of Governor Obaseki who’s intrinsically sly and serpentine and utterly devious as his only durabe legacy in office for six years!

Crusoe Osagie and his boss are two of a kind. Crusoe feigned ignorance of the existence of Trojan News/TV while calling it obscured news platform! How do we expect Crusoe to understand simple dictionary meaning of obscurity – “not discovered or known about”? What type of media minder would deny the existence of a global newspaper such and remains on the job without being a bounced off from his position the next minute by a responsible Governor?

This same Crusoe Osagie mailed Trojan News terribly written news story from Edo Government House, begging to find space to get their trash published on a daily basis, which we largely ignored because such stories take Edo People for a futile ride and demarket our outfit. How can News/TV be obscure when have 330,000 daily view? Obviously, it’s a tragic case of forbidding dog and leaking its stew.

For a fact, Crusoe is not the only peripheral journalist parading and pillaging Trojan News/TV and my critical analysis of failed governments in Nigeria. President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo’s media aides does that from time to time. We have be informed that we are subjects of discussion daily in those quarters. All Crusoe’s charge that I was paid by opposition to expose Governor Obaseki’s deceit in Edo State does not add up. Having got his fingers burnt the last time he engaged me, he came short of meaning my name, hiding under a broomstick to escape getting hacked for his bad vices. That’s defeatist strategy who chose to run away from crushing blow.

By the way, who’s Crusoe Osagie? For the record, Crusoe was an advert agent and a front desk boy with Thisday Newspaper where he met Dangote’s PA who introduced him to his boss and further to to Godwin Obaseki. Nduka Obaigbena, the publisher of ThisDay Newspaper and Owner of Arise Television reportedly told Obaseki that ‘of all the brilliant journalists from Edo State why does Crusoe become an option’? As an advert front desk boy, Crusoe has no single news story or article attached to his name at the same time I was regularly given prominent spaces in the same ThisDay newspaper for my articles. Everybody is aware that all the news stories and press releases from government house are written for Crusoe by The Nigeria Observers correspondents posted to government house for news coverage.

Crusoe is as crude as his vanity of a Governor called Obaseki, an enemy of civilisation and decency and a beastly character who literally throws molotov cocktails to inflame emotive sentiments among brainwashed internet madrassas to abuse patriotic Edo citizens who are calling for rectitude and normalcy to a civil governance.

I sympathise with Crusoe Osagie who is merely lobotomising an emotionally bankrupt government, defending his loaf of bread due for expiration in a few months left of Governor Godwin Obaseki’s primitive administration.

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