Eze Ndigbo Ghana Receives Bishop Chukwu “Agunechemba” Urges Christians To Embrace Igbo Culture

In appreciation of HRM Eze Dr Jude Ihenetu, Eze Ndigbo Ghana’s good works  in directing affair of Ndigbo in Ghana, the presiding Bishop, Ultimate Ministry, Ghana, Bishop Jeremiah Chukwu has described the king as a great beacon of light for Ndigbo in the Diaspora.

Bishop Chukwu and other illustrious sons and daughters of NdIgbo were recently honoured with Chieftaincy title by HRM Ihenetu with the Bishop getting title of Agunechemba  during the New Yam Festival/Igbo Day recently.

In his remarks HRM Eze Dr Ihenetu who is also the publicity Secretary Ndieze Ndigbo in the Diaspora said the New Yam Festival helped showcase Igbo culture in the Diaspora as well as send strong message across, that Ndigbo are one and united under one leadership.

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In his response, Bishop Chukwu urges all Christians to embrace Igbo culture  because  our culture  is our  heritage.  “Every Igbo  sons and daughters  should uphold the culture  of Ndigbo  anywhere they found themselves.

“What I am  however against are those who promote  the  culture  through Satanic practices.
But those promoting  Igbo culture   through words of God like Eze Ndigbo Ghana, HRM Ihenetu, I gladly identified  with him because he is a Godly  king.  From time to time, the Royal Father engages  in humanitarian  works that uplift  mankind.

“The throne also engages in the works of God as well as charity  works.”

Bishop Chukwu further explained that each time he come to the palace, he noticed  that the king offers prayers in all its occasion.

The Eze never offer sacrifices  or establish  shrines  in and around the palace.  This are the things that made me to accept the Chieftaincy  title.

“So as the king and my kinsmen approached  me to take title, I gladly  accepted the offer without  hesitation because  the throne is not for satanic  promotion but for the manifestation  of God’s words through  Jesus Christ  our Lord.”

While praying at the palace, the Bishop released Apostolic blessings on the Eze and the palace elders as well as the Eze Udo across the country. He prayed for God to continue to direct HRM Ihenetu on the path of righteousness so that Ndigbo in Ghana will continue to enjoy under his rulership.

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Furthermore, HRM Ihenetu known for his peaceful gestures urges Igbo in Ghana to continue to be law abiding by obeying the Laws of the land adding that with this measure, Ndigbo will continue to prosper in Ghana.

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