It is so hideous, heinous and evil calling for the abolishment of IBEGWU in Igala Land. I hate pretence and deceit more than anything on Earth! Even Christ in His days on Earth never preached for the abolishment of people’s traditions.

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IBEGWU does not cover only marriage but also, oversees everything in Ogugu Land! Ibegwu is not wicked and it doesn’t kill anyone who doesn’t go against it! GO AND LEARN YOUR TRADITION BEFORE YOU TALK IN PUBLIC OR, ON SOCIAL MEDIA AGAINST IT TO AVOID ANCESTRAL CURSE. Don’t say you have no business with it because whoever fucks up must dance surugede dance. You better learn it now.

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Now, for clarity, let me mention but few of Ibegwu’s benefits:

1. It forbids an Ogugu person killing his/her fellow Ogugu person

2. It forbids a married woman to an Ogugu man from having an illegal affairs with another man, not only sex. Be warned!

3. It prohibits an Ogugu man or woman who has not buried his/her late mother or father to participate directly or indirectly in another person’s father or mother’s burial.

4. It exposes and deals with any person or group of people who come to Ogugu Land to wicked Ogugu sons and daughters through native means

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5. It plays a vital “ancestral watch” over Ogugu Sons and daughters anywhere in the World

6. It forbids an Ogugu man from supporting a woman to do abortion

7. It forbids an Ogugu man from sucking a woman’s vaginal and I so much believe God forbids same too

8. It forbids a well married woman from giving money or any aid to her people or outsiders without the prior consent of her husband

9. It forbids a married woman from giving a prohibited insults to her husband, etc.

10. It doesn’t support medical family planning, etc.

Meanwhile, Ogugu men should be very careful of their wives and women in general. Women especially OGUGU WOMEN who know much about IBEGWU have many deceitful means of communicating their evil deeds to their husbands to free themselves from Ibegwu’s wrath!!!

It is wrong for Ogugu men to neglect the following:

1. Darling I was in a bus today going to work and a Man mistakenly touched my buttocks

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2. Mine I was urinating at the back of a building and a passerby just saw my pant when I was struggling to cover my nakedness immediately I noticed a movement

3. Honey one man at my working place always support me whenever management queries me. He is a godly man and I always pray for God’s favour upon him.

4. Sweetheart I mistakenly touched a man’s dick/penis when I was struggling to enter a bus or coming out of the bus today

5. Heartbeat I felt very much ashamed today when I was told that as I fell down my tight was seen by some church members during the prayer session

6. Sugar a bike man fell me today and my pant tore immediately. See it!!! I believed people who came to our rescue must have seen my nakedness.

Note that such things happen but, a married woman is not supposed to tell her husband if she has no ulterior motive.

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By Omale Jeff Ejuojo,
Ardent believer of Ibegwu Tradition (IT), humanitarian, poverty alleviator, advocate for good governance and happy home.

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