Finding A Husband: A Guide To Ladies

Ask an average African girl to define her dream husband; First, she will mention “God fearing” in order not to sound so worldly but then she begins to add worldly requirements like “he has to be tall’ handsome’ rich’ owns a house’ has one car at least & be presentable.”

When u check d number of girls with this thought & d number of men that meet that standard’ u will see the meaning of this phrase  “Husband Scarcity”

U hear girls say “I can’t go & suffer in a man’s house oo. “But what if from d beginning’ u have everything u want & there is no suffering’ but later in d marriage’ d table turns around’ then comes suffering? Will u run away?

No one prays for suffering’ but it is better to start small & get big’ than start big & get small.
The description most ladies give of their ideal man is virtually thesame.

When many girls want d same kind of men & d men that fit what they want are very few’ what becomes of d many other girls left without their dream men? Husband Scarcity.
In Africa’ we have more women than men but to make it worse’ 6 out of 10 men will only get married after 30 years; while 6 out of 10 ladies wish to get married before 30. Husband Recession.

The poor rate of marriage has become one of d biggest challenges faced by many ladies today as No prayer session in any church is complete without prayers for women seeking husband.
One easy way to find a husband is to change ur view of who a husband is.

A husband is that man God made full of dreams’ responsibilities & purpose & knowing man couldn’t achieve his purpose in life without a help mate’ God made d woman & gave to him.

Marriage has never been a poverty alleviation program. It is a union of two with same goals & mission to fulfil d will of God here on earth.

Women are home builders not house warmers. Don’t mistake a man’s path for his destination. Where that guy is today may only be a route to where God has destined him to be tomorrow & d bitter truth is that u might be d tool he needs to achieve greatness.

Pick up d right values today and make sure  you understand what marriage and finding  a husband truly means.

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