The Latest Love/Marriage Engagement Proposal That Is Hilarious.

The Latest Love/Marriage Engagement Proposal That is Hilarious.

During the memorable, lovely and blissful vocation organised by HECTOR EXCLUSIVE TOURISM, from 13th to 15th of February this year that took place at the beautiful beach of Ibeano in Akwa Ibom state, Nigeria. The outing vacation was full of fun, fanfare, merriment and classic celebrations. It was a beautiful outing better experienced than imagine.

One of the Major outing and events that took place during fanfare activities at the Ibeano beach was the hilarious love/marriage engagement that STOLE THE  SHOW,

When one of the Youngest Entrepreneur Mr Chinedu Amaechi the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Of FINE DECORATIVE SERVICE:  THE MAJOR SUPPLIER Of FINECOAT PAINTS AND INTERIOR  DECORATION with joy and love knees to propose to his lover and heart rub. has gathered that the marriage proposal and engagement of Mr Chinedu Amaechi to his heart rub has speedily move to the next level, As the marriage rites is already fix, starting with the introductional rite.

Hector exclusive tourism is building breaches, uniting souls, creating relaxation and making life happy and enjoyable.

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