Latest President Buhari Message To Nigerian Youths

President Buhari’s message and advice to Nigerian Youths and young people of APC.

Buhari told young people of Nigeria and APC, he said: I will support young people’s honest political aspirations, and assured the youths that he will be a major piller for their growth. Buhari advised the young people of APC to tell their friends and colleagues to go back home and register or revalidate their membership .

They should pay their dues, make inputs into the party, Attend meetings, Participate in ward Congresses. Be part of the building block of this party.

Mr President also charge the youths to own the platform because it is actually yours. Don’t let anyone or anything intimidate or manipulate you.

Buhari assures the youth that their time has come. We have done our bit, it’s when and the preparation starts now. According to President Buhari Democracy is a numbers game and you the young people have it.

Use it wisely and strategically. Learn from our excellence and our errors. Make this country what you want to tell others about.

Buhari conclude by saying, you all must closed ranks and participate. I will be here to help where and when i can. God bless you,” said by President Buhari.


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